Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So long Billy Packer

CBS and College Basketball announcer/analyst Billy Packer have recently decided to part ways.

Yesterday, CBS announced that Clark Kellogg would replace Packer after 27 years of broadcasting basketball on CBS. Packer announced every Final Four since 1975.

Not too many people are big fans of Mr. Packer, but to say the least, I am. Packer was a phenomenal announcer. His knowledge of the game far exceeded many other announcers and analysts. He knew the In's and Outs of the game, which is why I respected him.

Sure, he may have said some ridiculous things throughout his years, but this happens to just about all of the announcers out there. He knew the game, he had a great voice for TV, and it was always opinionated. He may not have always been fair, but there is no lie he was a great announcer.

I loved it when Billy Packer announced, especially for the Final Four. It just amazed me some of analysis and comments he did about the game of basketball. He gave us a different perspective at times; which makes me glad to say, you will be missed Billy Packer. March Madness just won't the same without you.

Here's a few good videos of Packer:

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Nate Gonner said...

The only beef I have with Packer is his hate towards the mid majors.