Wednesday, July 16, 2008

AL Wins Marathon All-Star Game

Wow! What a game that was! For anyone that missed it the MLB all-star game just ended in the bottom of the 15th on a Michael Young sac fly with the bases loaded. The final score was 3-2 as a very young NL team was nearly able to regain the power and home field advantage in the world series but fell just short!

This was a really interesting game. I missed the beginning at work but definitely got my money's worth afterwards. This game was over in just 4 hours and 50 mins and both leagues emptied out their entire bullpens as the AL improved to 6-0 since "this one started to matter".

As the game drug out into the night I couldn't help but to want it to continue. I thought it would have been really fun to see a position player pitch. Had the game gone another inning or two Francona would have been in quite the predicament. Eventually they would have had to have a position player to come and pitch then Kazmir would have to go out and play the field. I guess I just thought it would have been fun to see.

The game was close all the way with some great pitching and some great defense (minus Dan Uggla) and plays at the plate. Also everybody got to play, which is kind of neat, but like I said there was a strong possibility for a very stick situation here. I really do think that they need to do something to make sure that this can be avoided. I believe that they should allow pitchers to re-enter in the all-star game. It would be for the best for everyone. If they allowed pitchers to re-enter the game you wouldn't get Terry Francona in such a situation where he has to throw Kazmir when he wasn't sposed to and the Sox and Rays are in a tight race...and I think you get what I'm saying. If they're going to "make it count" they need to either allow pitchers to re-enter, expand the pitching roster, or make it so that pitchers who throw the Sunday before cannot be on the roster. Because even though "it matters" you really cannot put players, and entire teams and their seasons at risk for the all-star game.

Overall it was a great game. It was a game that really proved that great pitching beats great hitting. It was a game where the NL's young guns were nearly able to swing the power in their favor. I still think it's kind of stupid that the All-Star game decides home-field advantage in the World Series but I already can't wait for next year's midsummer classic!

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