Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Bold Brett Favre Prediction

OK, so when you read this please do not be confused by what I'm about to say and what I said in one of last week's posts. What I said last week IN THIS POST was that I thought Brett should stay retired. I wanted him to save everyone the hastle, and avoid all of this hoopla.

What I'm about to say now is what I think is going to happen.... Brett Favre will start for the Green Bay Packers this year. That is my bold Brett Favre Prediction.

I think before nobody within the Packer's organization wanted Brett back or took him seriously at first. His long dreaded retirement had come and gone and the players, fans, and front office were just getting over it and were just getting ready to move on. But now that he's asked for his release and showed that this is not just a feeling, this comeback urge is for real and it's happening, Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are trying to clean this mess up a bit.

Now, yesterday Packers' GM Ted Thompson came out and said that if the Packers will not release Brett (THANK GOD), and if he files for reinstatement he will become a regular member of the team, meaning that he will be competing in minicamp. Thompson made sure to stress that he'd be coming back and having to compete because Aaron Rodgers is still the starting QB.

Well obviously he's going to say this. THINK ABOUT IT! He can't just screw Aaron Rodgers over the minute that Brett wants back. He has to be politically correct and say this so he doesn't infuriate the future of the franchise. The fact of the matter is, that the minute that teammates, fans, and coaches see Brett out on the field they are gunna blow their load along with the rest of the state of Wisconsin. People love Brett Favre, once they remember that and see Brett making bullet passes and slinging it down the field the job will be his again.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers is probably ready now. And yes, I do think he is going to be a good NFL QB. But you have to think that the Packers would be out of their mind to trade arguably the best QB of all-time coming off arguably his best season for him! You can't really think that he'll start over last year's sportsman of the year? To let Aaron Rodgers start and have Favre sitting on the bench would have to mean that McCarthy and Thompson are dead positive that Rodgers can get the team further than Brett. That Rodgers can get the team to the Superbowl because Brett came about as close as you can come last season.

This whole ordeal is going to take a while to play out but that is my prediction for now. I really think Brett will start week 1, against the Minnesota Vikings. I also know that when that happens, I will be reminded immediately again why he's my favorite player of all-time, why he's one of the all-time greats, and why I love to watch him play!

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Nate Gonner said...

I have to say Joe I would hate to be in Aaron Rodgers shoes. He has more pressure that any other quarterback replacing a legend ever. I would love to see Brett back but I really think he needs to hang it up cause I would hate for him to play until he was forced out of football like some legends (i.e Steve Young and Troy Aikman).