Sunday, July 20, 2008

MLB Second Half Predictions

American League:

East: Boston Red Sox - Experience, pitching, and Big Popi back in the line-up

Central: Chicago Whitesox - they got off to a good start and will be consistent in the second half

West: LA Angels - no competion out West for them

Wild Card: Detroit Tigers - the Tigers got off to a terrible start but I think they will have enough pitching and play much more consistently in the second half to turn it around. I see the Tampa Bay Rays fading down the stretch and I don’t think the Yankees have enough pitching.

National League:

East: New York Mets - the Mets have turned it around. They will get enough pitching to be much more consistent in the second half and play to their potential

Central: Chicago Cubs - Arguably the best team in baseball. If Harden can stay healthy this team could go all the way.

West: Arizona Diamondbacks - if I absolutely have to pick a team in this awful division I pick the Dbacks because I think their pitching helps them get through it.

Wild Card: Milwaukee Brewers - C.C. makes their starting rotation dynamic and I think that they have one more move left in them to shore up the bullpen. Also the fact that they finish with 33 of their last 49 games at home will help a lot.

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