Thursday, July 10, 2008

ND Baseball Prospect: Cole Frenzel

The number 94 top high school baseball prospect of 2009 by Baseball America is Cole Frenzel of Dickinson, ND. I found this video on a blog thanks to Dickinson Sports Writer Dustin Monke.

We all know ND is not much of a baseball state and to be regarded as a top 100 prospect in the nation is a big deal. Frenzel is a great all-around baseball player. I personally played against him in my 3 years of varsity baseball and 1 outta my 2 years of JV ball. He is the real deal as he launched HR after HR after triple against my team. He is currently being looked at by Nebraska, Kansas, Oregon St., and Virginia to name a few schools.

I'm not trying to pimp the kid in anyway, but I just wanted to give North Dakota some recognition it deserves.

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