Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tampa Bay Rays 2nd Half Prediction

Here with my 2nd prediction of the week. Going baseball with this one. The Tampa Bay Rays have been a huge surprise thus far this season. They're young, and they're good. But can it last? I'm saying no.

I think the Tampa Bay Rays are in trouble. They're much better than they have been in the past this year (obviously) but I think they need to make a move. I truly do not think that the Rays will win the AL East. The Red Sox will be winning the AL East this season and I foresee the Rays struggling in the 2nd half and being in a tight race with the Yankees and possibly even the Blue Jays (but we'll save them for another prediction).

The Rays have been playing out of their minds great until this last 7-game slide and they are still only 5.5 games ahead of the Yanks. The Rays are 36-14 at home and 19-25 on the road. The Rays have 33 of their last 49 games on the road. This spells trouble for the Rays if you ask me. I think the Rays will not make the playoffs unless if they make a move.

I think if the Rays make a move and get either a power bat (Matt Holliday in a perfect world), or a good RP, specifically a closer (think Brian Fuentes). So at this point I would say to you readers that you should not be surprised if the Rays make a move.

Now, don't get me wrong here the Rays are a great ballclub. They've had a great first half and have a great record. They have a absolute boatload of great young talent. What I am saying is that I forsee a meltdown for the young Rays and I think they will be in serious trouble down the stretch if they do not make a move to fill their needs.


Anonymous said...

Sorry grittysquirrels, but the Rays DIDN'T make a move and despite lose three of their best players, they now have the BEST record in baseball and are one of two teams in the AL with a WINNING road record as of Aug 24.

Not only that, but going into Sudays game against the White Sox, they have won another series.

Since the break, the Rays have proved that their seven game losing streak before the All-Star game was the fluke, not being in first place.

Not only do the Rays make the playoffs, but they will win the East.

Anonymous said...

It's September
Time for a meltdown
Tampa Bay Style

Red Sox will win the east by 2-3 games

Anonymous said...

good prediction....i think they are in the world series now