Friday, April 13, 2007

Oshie back for '08

The Bismarck Tribune provided me with easily the best news of my day yesterday. TJ Oshie will be returning to the University of North Dakota for his Junior season next year instead of signing a 3-year contract with the St. Louis Blues.

"It was hard turning down the money, but that's not the most important thing."
-TJ Oshie-

He didn't quite have as good of a sophomore year as his freshman year, having 17 goals and 35 assists for 52 pts. and a 3rd team all-WCHA selection. I couldn't be happier hearing this. Now I'm hoping that Duncan (having not been drafted) will come back too. I'm also optimistic that Toews will stay but I believe he will leave to the Chicago Blackhawks. I'm afraid he had just too good of a year. Regardless if Toews comes back, at least it'll be fun to watch Oshie play next year.
Now that Oshie is back I think, in my opinion, that it is safe to say that the Sioux can definately make it to the Frozen Four for a 4th straight year...even if Toews doesn't come back.


stephen a said...

Im pretty positive Duncan won't leave and honestly I don't think Toews will either. They got the #1 pick in the draft this summer and I'm sure Toews will want to break into the league around the same time.

Dean said...

Stefan-Great article on Oshie. I was unaware he was coming back and made an official decision.

Stephen-Fabulous point about Toews and the Blackhawks draft pick. I think this line will stay intact one more year, however, Toews and Duncan could be swayed with the recent success of Stafford and Zajac paying immediate dividends in New Jersey and Buffalo. Sometimes it just takes on guy to stay around and the rest follow. If they all do stay, this team will be a top 3 ranking going into next year.

grittysquirrels said...

Actually I wrote that post...and I think that Duncan will come back no matter what, I'm almost positive. If anyone goes I believe it will be Toews but hopefully he'll wanna stay and play with Oshie and Duncan to reunite the #1 line in the country and win a national championship in '08.

twins15 said...

If Toews and Chorney are back (and I kinda have my doubts, but we shall see), UND should be pretty amazing next year.

Leah said...

Well it's already been announced that obviously TJ's staying, and so is Duncs.... Jonny hasn't said anything yet to anyone, other than that it's a very hard decision for him to make. The only other guys I know that are still thinking about staying or leaving are Brian (Lee), Taylor (Chorney), and Joe (Finley). The only one I've talked to is Brian, and he said it's a hard decision for him too.

But I'm sure we'll find out as soon as they make a decision, and I wish them luck with whatever they choose!


Anonymous said...

brian lee can take his lazy ass to the nhl for all i care