Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's Ohio St. vs. Florida... Again???

The NCAA Tournament is now down to only 2 teams. It was Florida vs Ohio St. for the BCS National Championship in College Football and now for College Basketball's National Title Game it's who? That is, Florida vs Ohio St.... again.

Four months ago who would have thought of this scenario? Nobody expected the Gators to make the BCS Championship, let alone chomp the Buckeyes into pieces. And now here we are, OSU vs Florida all over again.

Well now the Buckeyes get their chance for revenge. To redeem the psyche of the whole Buckeye Nation after that horrific dismantling the Gators gave them last January 8. Watch out Tedd Ginn's ankle!

Analysis and Prediction
I really like this match up. Florida does have the edge experience wise and a slight edge in the post department. But the two back court match ups should be something to keep an eye on. Florida's experienced back court vs Ohio St.'s young and up-coming back court; I mean you have two of the best point guards in the country going at it in Mike Conley and Taurean Green. Along with Lee Humphrey, Corey Brewer, and Walter Hodge of Florida pairing up against OSU's Ron Lewis, Daequan Cook, Jamar Butler, and David Lighty. Both are arguably the top two back courts in the nation.

Defensive wise you would have to think OSU will try a zone for much of the game. It's hard for them to match up with the Gators man vs. man. It will be tough to stop Al Horford and Joakim Noah in a man set; and they would still have to stop Brewer and they don't have anybody big or quick enough to slow him down. Plus, OSU needs to protect Greg Oden. Which wasn't the case last night, as most of us witnessed Oden getting two quick fouls in the first 3 minutes of the game vs Georgetown. It would play to a huge advantage if Florida got him in foul trouble early. So, playing a zone would be OSU's best option.

This game can go either way literally. Florida may be the favorite, but you can't count out a team that has Greg Oden on their side. But the Buckeyes guards need to keep doing what their doing. Will the young guns come through again? Or will they back down just like their fellow classmates did back in January?

The Pick: Florida- Unless you're a Buckeye fan you can't pick against Florida. Horford, Noah, Brewer, and Green all came back for one reason, and that was to become the first team to repeat as national champions since Duke in 1992, and the first ever to do it with the same starting lineup.


twins15 said...

Yeah, I've got the Gators here too... I just think they'll be too strong for Ohio St.

grittysquirrels said...

Honestly, I'm going to go against the grain here. I think Ohio St. wins a close one. They've won their last 22 games and have proved throughout the tournament that they can get it done without Oden...the Buckeyes go a lot deeper than Oden. I actually really like Mike Conley to have a good game. I think he's a greatly underappreciated stud of a point guard.

Buckeyes get revenge....but barely

stephen a said...

I think conley might be too quick up top for florida's guards. or maybe im just holding onto wishful thinking since i have ohio st in my bracket

Mini Me said...

How can anyone pick against Florida at this point. Damnit those words make me sick.

grittysquirrels said...

If Florida wins that is kinda sick. Bball - Football - Bball - coming next: Baseball? I hate to say it but the Gators have a legit shot at winning that too - basically giving them a clean sweep of mens college sports (since they don't have a hockey team)

stephen a said...

Not to shoot down that post, but they have no chance in baseball.

ming01 said...

they're ranked 22nd so it's not like they don't have a chance