Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Weekend Roundup

I would first like to start off by saying Happy belated-Easter to everyone and I hope all you students out there had a good break. With no more college basketball to talk daily it's time to get ready to hit the NFL Draft and Major League Baseball (Sigh, I love summer). However, I'm feeling less than creative right now and a lot went down in the sports world over the last few days....I'll break it down for you

- I would like to welcome The Big Lead back to the blogosphere. I'm sure most of you readers already know what this is all about but incase you don't: Here it is. Even though Mr. Colin Cowherd apologized on-air (barely) I want to make sure everybody knows that he still sucks, and that was still a dick move.

- Arod officially won the hearts of Yankee fans everywhere for the next week and a half. He has started the year on a tear: .381 BA, 4HR, 11RBIs, .458 OBP. Thus making my fantasy baseball team, the BALCO busters, a one man show. The walk-off Slam against the O's was great (hint of sarcasm) but it is only the first week of the season. I think 2 curtain calls in opening week is enough and people are being a little too over-exuberant with this. Let's see how long this side of the love-hate relationship lasts.

- Zach Johnson out-Tigered Tiger to win the green jacket this weekend. The Masters is the only golf even that I really pay close attention too. I've been to the PGA Championship once before and it was a lot of fun to watch in-person, but on TV The Masters is all I really watch. I never really at any point that Tiger wouldn't win until he bogeyed number 17 on Easter Sunday. I'm always the kinda golf fan to take Tiger vs. the field almost always, but this just really wasn't Tiger's weekend. Without a round under par he was less than spectacular. For a change we saw a guy wearing blue (not red) pumping his fists on a Sunday of a major event.

-D-Wade came back to game action dropping 12 off the bench last night...I think that this restores the Heat's chances of going deepish into the playoffs even if he isn't 100%, but I don't see them getting by the Pistons.

- The Mariners and Indians series was postponed as Cleveland was pummeled with snow, also collectively taking a toll on my fantasy team (I need Ichiro to get the ABs). This makes things like say, oh I don't know, the retractable roof seem like quite the novel idea. And obviously MLB thought it was too as the Angels vs. Indians series has been moved from Cleveland to beloved Miller Park. Tickets will be 10 bucks and parking will be any displaced Angels or Indians fans may want to look in to that.

- Don Imus made a huge lapse in judgement when he called the Rutgers University Women's Basketball team something to the effect of "a bunch of nappy-headed ho's." Now I'm not black, nor a woman, but even I can see how terrible and unwarranted that was for him to say that. This may even make him a bigger retard than Mr. Cowherd.

- I'm told the NHL playoffs are starting...I don't plan to really write about it until the finals so if you are looking for some analysis or breakdown or whatever....look elsewhere.

*Chime in on any thoughts or comments in regards to these tidbits or any others you would like to add.*


Mini Me said...

Tiger really needed that birdie on 16 and he didn't get it. That putt cost him the jacket.

grittysquirrels said...

Yea, as i said i really thought Tiger would pull it off till 17. It took me that long before i finally saw the field beating him.