Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Texting Recruits

The NCAA Division I management council has recommended a ban on text messages, between coaches and recruits. E-mails and faxes would be exempt from the new rule but would be limited by current NCAA guidelines.

Unlike restrictions on phone calls and in-person visits, there are no coach limits on text messaging.

The Board of Directors must still pass the legislation, and if approved at its April 26 meeting, the ban would take effect in August. Typically, the board passes such recommendations, but if it's delayed or rejected, coaches would go back to their previous policy of no limits.

I am for coaches being permitted to text recruits. It gives coaches a great way to stay in touch with their recruits. It also gives smaller schools a chance to outwork the bigger schools. If the ban is passed, it just gives another advantage to these bigger schools. Texting overall is a great tool for recruiting. It just gives coaches a way to get ahead of others and get an inside track on some recruits.

How is the NCAA going to keep track of all this? High-School coaches will now have to be involved if the ban is passed. I feel the NCAA just doesn't understand this whole texting process. They say it will be a burden on bills for the kids and parents. Well now the kids and coaches will just have to spend more money on traveling all-around.

If the ban is passed, this will all just be a continuing process, next it will be Facebook or some other web-based social networks.

Let's face it, texting needs to be permitted in the NCAA. It's an easy and efficient way to stay in touch with your recruits. Are we going back to the days of writing letters and coaches slipping some dollar bills in the envelopes? The NCAA needs to get with the real-world.

I encourage you to vote in our new poll: Should college coaches be permitted to text recruits?
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Professor Howdy said...

Very good posting.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!

point 23 said...

If the kid you are recruiting is dumb enough not to add a five dollar unlimited texting plan to his calling plan, I wouldn't even want him on my team.

And if you can afford the phone, you can afford an extra 5 bucks a month.

grittysquirrels said...

Agree. It's just a new means of recruiting and communication. I'm sure 5 years from now there will be someother new way to keep in contact with players.

Times change, go with it.

grittysquirrels said...