Sunday, April 1, 2007

Final Four React + Links for Your Reading Pleasure

And then there were 2..... Personally I am just a bit disgusted by the fact that Ohio St. and Florida both got to be in the football and basketball championships but oh well. I guess it just really rocks to be a Gator fan or Buckeye fan this year! Anyways, I have to work tomorrow morning so I'm going to let you know what I thought of the games and hit you with some links from some blogs that I frequently view.

Well we didn't see it coming. UCLA looked pretty weak against Florida. That was actually just a really crappy game to watch. I basically zoned out for the 2nd half. Georgetown vs. Ohio St. was a good game it just didn't go as I had figured. I thought Gtown had the components to be NCAA Champs this year. Not only did they beat them by seven but they did it with not a lot of Oden. That is what really impresses me. Georgetown could never take control of the game when Oden went out, even with Hibbert on the floor. When Hibbert was out, the Hoyas were simply lost. Also, Mike Conley continues to impress me. How valuable and underappreciated is this guy!?

It's getting late and I'm tired so here are some links to enjoy Sunday morning:

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Talking Fantasy College Football at a Time Like This!? [Pre Pro Sports Blog]

Enjoy your Sunday and we'll hit you with a National Championship Preview tonight. Drop a comment and let me know what you thought of the games Saturday night.

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