Thursday, March 29, 2007

Take Your Pick: Oden vs. Durant

So, this is something that has been done on like 96% of sports blogs out there and even though it is a little late I want to do it anyways. Cuz if everyone's doing it...then it's best to follow along in order to fit in.

Alright, I've got the first pick in the NBA Draft next year, which guy do I want (assuming both leave for the draft). In case one stays let's just say we are looking for the all around best player at the next level right now. Here we go.....

  • Oden- Offense is weak but excels at other aspecs which are essential and much needed at the next level (some NBA squads may take an interest in PLAYING DEFENSE which adds greatly to his appeal)
  • Oden- You can't teach size.
  • Durant- He can do it all
  • Durant- A better scorer than Oden
  • Durant- Can play multiple positions at the next level
  • Oden- already has the NBA-body
  • Durant- Still needs to fill out for the next level

By highlighting just a few of these Pros and Cons it is easy to tell that this is a tough call and both players will no doubt be great NBA players one day. However Greg Oden is my guy. By drafting him and inserting him in your lineup he makes a huge and immediate impact on your defense , which is a novel concept in the NBA. Also offensively he still can grow. With the right coaching, and a little maturing his offense will improve. He's proved his toughness this year by playing for weeks on one hand- his non-dominant one at that. So, if you have a bit of a void at the 5 spot, or are looking for what I view as the best overall pick to make the greatest immediate impact. I would take Oden. Because if you have the first pick in the draft, chances are is that you are looking for some kind of an immediate impact. However, if you are set at the 5 and are looking for a scorer who doesn't play great D, then Durant is your guy. Which of the 2 would you take?

P.S.- Stefan and I are both older than Kevin Durant....that in itself is scary and kind of wierd to think about.


ming01 said...
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ming01 said...

personally, if I had the first pick I would take Oden. You just can't pass up on a big man like him these days. With the NBA guard oriented these days you just can't pass him up... once in a lifetime.

twins15 said...

I'm still an Oden guy but the gap is closing... I like Oden because the day he gets drafted he immediately becomes one of the best defensive centers in the NBA. Plus, I think he has the talent level and athletic ability around the basket to possibly become a 25 point scorer eventually.

Mini Me said...

Give me the big fella. Oden's 15 ppg is considered not that good. Which is BS for a true center. It was better than Shaq's (13.9) and Ducan's (9.8) ppg as freshman.

grittysquirrels said...

wow nice stats there. That really puts it into perspective for anyone who wants to take durant.

Kyle Whitney said...

Hey, no problem.

I posted your link over on The View From the Top ( And let me say, one of the selling points of your blog for me is certainly the fact that you follow NCAA hockey.

Also, on the current topic, I would like to say that I am an Oden guy. And although Oden's 15/game is better than Shaq and Duncan, he is better offensively than those 15.

I have seen Greg Oden make some startlingly nimble moves in the paint as he drives to the basket, right before he scores. When the Buckeyes need him to, Oden can be a 20-25 point guy and he has proven that.

His impact will be immediate on both sides of the ball.


Anonymous said...

i think Durant would help the blazers out more last year the blazzers took a center and a gaurd they have the have a good power foward now throw durant in and you got a team dont get me wrong i like oden he going to be one of the best in no time but I would go with Durant