Monday, March 5, 2007

I'll believe it when I see it

As we are about to be slammed with NCAA Bball fever with the start of conference tournaments and March Madness, I wanted to sneak in some football talk and who better to write about than my Packers and the speculative talks dealing with Randy Moss.

The recent NFL FA signing period and the continuing Randy Moss to the Packers trade rumors have gotten me a little bit excited. It seems a little unrealistic but is Randy Moss in green and gold a realistic possibility? And if so I'm not sure if it would really be best for the Packers.

Right now the two proposed ideas are: Randy to GB for a 3rd or 4th round pick, OR some newer buzz is a possible straight up Aaron Rodgers for Randy Moss. I'm fine with either. I've always felt that Aaron Rodgers was not and would never be the answer...and that was before he broke his foot!

Randy Moss adorned in green and gold seems nearly sacrilege. I'm so accustomed to feelings of hatred for Randy, and an eternal image of Randy mooning a drunken crowd at Lambeau scars my memory (left). So, the though of Randy snaring bombs from Brett in 2007 is a bittersweet thought for me. Sure he can be a great playmaker but he has been known to take plays off, and I don't think Brett nor the hard-working Donald Driver would tolerate such a thing. But just think of the possibilities. The Packers receiving corps would immediately leapfrog to the top of the NFC with 1. Randy Moss, 2. Donald Driver, 3. Greg Jennings, and 4. Robert Ferguson. Plus, maybe Randy could wear 84 like he did in Minnesota. Maybe then Packers fans, and players for that matter, could forget about that other bigplay receiver that we used to have that wore 84.

The money is another issue. The Packers have a lot of cash available right now, and having been close-fisted thus far, even as RB Ahman Green opts for more money in Houston, they could really make their make in the offseason with this one. Moss has two years left on his contract, including base salaries of $9.75 million in 2007 and $11.25 million in '08. So maybe he would be willing to reconstruct a little bit in order to play for a winning team, because Oakland has said verbally that Moss won't be back playing for them next year.

The trading period opens Friday. New England and Jacksonville reportedly also are interested in Moss. As a Packers fan I think Ted Thomson should open the wallet up on this one. I know that it goes against almost all I've known to be in my years as a young Packer fan, but as soon as Randy starts snagging bombs from Brett I think I would get over that pretty quickly. If they can somehow get him to play hard on ever down, I'm not sure there is a move out there would would make them any more of instant contenders.

**Especially with the recent departure of Ahman Green to the Texans I think the Packers need to throw Favre a bone here. Give him some sort of a weapon to help him out in what will probably be his last year (but who really knows). Also, now that Ahman is gone the Packers will almost surely draft a runningback in the first round. If Peterson slips they'll take him without blinking. But I'm not counting on it, I think they'll wind up taking the 2nd RB in the draft in Marshawn Lynch out of Cal. He'll then probably end up splitting a lot of carries with last year's backup Vernand Morency.**

So for now, I' m ok with the idea. But if it happens it will be most unlikely and will take some getting used to. Who even thought they would ever fathom the idea of seeing Randy Moss dressed in green and gold? Not me that's for sure. That's why I'll believe it when I see it.


twins15 said...

I really hope this doesn't happen... it's hard enough seeing Randy in a Raiders uni, but him in a Packers uniform would be too much to take. :(

grittysquirrels said...

Oh for me too. But I think I'd get over it fast enough.