Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mulligan at 16

Well, although my picks started out strong they've tanked a little as of late. So, for you guy's I'm going to take a Mulligan at 16 and re-predict the games- in my opinion- from here on out.

Sweet Sixteen
1. Florda vs. 5. Butler
Florida has not been the steamroller that they were last year. This game could be a lot closer than people would expect. However, look for the Gators to snap-back to reality and pull away in the second half.
3. Oregon vs. 7. UNLV
This could be a really great game. Oregon is my pick but UNLV can easily win. Look for Aaron Brooks to be the difference maker. The destiny of the Ducks is in his hands.
Elite Eight
1. Florida vs. 3. Oregon
Sweet Sixteen
1. Kansas vs. 4. So. Illinois
Go Jayhawks!
2. UCLA vs. 3. Pitt
I disagree with Ming, and agree with Complete Sports. UCLA wins....
Elite Eight
1. Kansas vs. 2. UCLA
I'm sticking with my prediction. UCLA's experience gives them a slight edge as they win what could be the best game of the tournament. It will be talent loaded and potentially a heartbreaker for us Kansas Fans.
Sweet Sixteen
2. Gtown vs. 6. Vandy
Nice run, but it's over.
1. UNC vs. 5. USC
This game could be closer than anticipated. I just find it nearly impossible to pick against the TarHeels right now.
Elite Eight
1. UNC vs. 2. Gtown
Sticking with my initial picks. The Hoyas slow down UNC and win a close one.
Sweet Sixteen
1. Ohio St. vs. 5. Tenn
Ohio St. got a wake-up call against Xavier last round. Oden is too much down-low. If any games this would be the potential upset special of the round. Tenn can win this one...I'm just not picking them right now.
2. Memphis vs. 3. Texas A&M
Without arguably their best scorer look for Acie Law IV to have an ever bigger impact. Aggies win.
Elite Eight
1. Ohio St. vs. 3. Texas A&M
I'm getting lazy...See predictions.
1. Florida vs. 2. UCLA
Florida has been a little un-impressive thus far, but then again UCLA's 20 in the first half of play against Indiana wasn't either. I'm gunna stick with my original pick here and go with UCLA..."I think UCLA is a better and more well-balanced team. Florida has the advantage down low. However, I feel UCLA has the means to overcome this and book their ticket to the championship."
2. Gtown vs. 3. Texas A&M
This will be a really great game.
2.UCLA vs. 2. Gtown
Coming into the tourney I picked Gtown because I thought they were a great well-balanced team and they were coming in to the tournament very hot. We'll they haven't lost yet (obviously) but they're really not that hot. However, I'm not changing my pick. Complete Sports likes UCLA and I'm still taking Gtown. Maybe we can bet like a post on the other's blog or something.......we'll see. Hoyas in '07.


twins15 said...

Sounds good to me if we can get this matchup in the title game... that'd be a great game.

grittysquirrels said...

Yes it would - and I'd be down for that.

CollegeBoy said...

I'm really interested in Kansas UCLA (someone really thought Pitt was gonna win?). Saluki's coulda had them. Oh well.