Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NCAA Frozen Four Predictions

Here are my predictions for the NCAA Frozen Four Tournament beginning Friday.

I really think that Notre Dame is a great team, and obviously worthy of a #1 seed, however they are no match for the Golden Gophers and are possibly a bit overrated (in my eyes at least). If the Gophers can get by UND I think they can make a straight-shot to the title game. If UND and Minn. meet in the 2nd round it should be pure eye-candy. As previously stated, when these two teams have met this year it has been nearly a coin-flip and have featured finishes with a flair for high scoring, overtime, and the dramatic. Overall I think the WCHA is just far superior to the rest of college hockey and will definitely leave its mark on the tourney. I feel like you can look for upsets from Mich St. over Boston U. (first round), BC over UNH, and St. Cloud over Clarkson (2nd Round). But like I said I just don't see any teams with a better shot at winning the tournament than the Minnesota Golden Gophers, and I think they take down the Irish for the crown.

Now, It's time for my Ideal Frozen Four Outcome:

Above is how I predict the tournament to go down, but this is what I'm really rooting for. I do feel like this, although mere fantasy, isn't that incredibly far fetched. Having picked Minnesota as my Champion I feel like if UND can beat Michigan (which I truly feel they can and will) and then beat Minnesota in a tough game; then the hardest part is truly behind them. If the Fighting Sioux can beat the Gophers then I think they can roll into the championship with a full head of steam and take down the Irish in a dandy....Ok, so I know that I'm just purely fantasizing on a computer screen right now but hey, it could happen....couldn't it?

Do you think it could? What are your predictions? Do they look like mine?


stephen a said...

I don't see much wrong with that. I think UMass is gonna beat UNH and right now I like BC to take the title but I think either of your two scenarios could definitely happen

stephen a said...

and by Umass beating UNH i meant Clarkson

One More Dying Quail said...


What the- sorry about that. It's just...I went to UNH and would like to see them win some sort of championship before I die. If it has to be in hockey, so be it.

Unfortunately, even with as little as I follow college hockey, I know that knocking off both BC and Minnesota is damn near impossible.

stephen a said...

well they can. I mean trevor smith is one of the best forwards in the country, but BC has beaten them I think three times in a row so it will be tough.

Louie j said...

I'd like to see the 2 UND's face off. I'm a die hard Sioux fan, so I got to go with them all the way, that may be my weak point in predicting but so be it.

Kyle Whitney said...

Here were my picks for the tourney. They quickly fell apart, though, I must say. Upsets abound.


Being an NMU guy though, I am happy that Comley is succeeding with MSU.