Thursday, March 15, 2007

Midwest and West Regional Bracket Predictions

Just wanted to let everyone know that these are ming01's picks. Just wanted to clarify.


1. Florida over 16. Jackson St.
8. Arizona over 9. Purdue
12. ODU over 5. Butler
4. Maryland over 13. Davidson
11. Winthrop over 6. Notre Dame
3. Oregon over 14. Miami (Ohio)
10. Georgia Tech over 7. UNLV
2. Wisconsin over 15. Texas A&M-CC

2nd Round
1. Florida over 8. Arizona
12. ODU over 4. Maryland
11. Winthrop over 3. Oregon
2. Wisconsin over 10. Georgia Tech

Sweet 16
1. Florida over 12. ODU
2. Wisconsin over 11. Winthrop

Elite 8
2. Wisconsin over 1. Florida

If Wisconsin can get to the Sweet 16 Brian Butch will most likely be back, and he will help in time to play Oregon/Winthrop/Notre Dame. Gotta like the Badgers over Florida... better defense... their posts can take a step out of the lane and even shoot from beyond the arc... unlike Florida's. Their swing offense will give problems to Florida's D. Also, did I forget to mention they have Alando Tucker? No matter who guards him he will be able to outdo them. If it's Brewer he will just take him inside, if it's Noah or whoever he can shoot on him all day long... plus you gotta love the experienced guards.

1. Kansas over 16. Niagara
9. Villanova over 8. Kentucky
12. Illinois over 5. V-Tech
4. Southern Illinois over 13. Holy Cross
11. VCU over 6. Duke
3. Pittsburgh over 14. Wright St.
7. Indiana over 10. Gonzaga
2. UCLA over 15. Weber St.

2nd Round
1. Kansas over 9. Villanova
4. Southern Illinois over 12. Illinois
3. Pittsburgh over 11. VCU
2. UCLA over 7. Indiana

Sweet 16
1. Kansas over 4. Southern Illinois
3. Pittsburgh over 2. UCLA

Elite 8
1. Kansas over 3. Pittsburgh

I definitely like Kansas. They're so athletic and have so much talent there's no doubt in my mind they will win this region. One of their players will step up big. I personally believe it's going to be Brandon Rush. He has something to prove in this tournament, mainly because it's on the national stage. The Jayhawks have it all, they may need to stay consistent on the three's as the tournament goes on in order to keep moving on, but they have so many threats and their defense is great.

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Anonymous said...

I don't care what u all think my team that is the J-J-J-Jhawks are going all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!