Friday, March 16, 2007

NCAA Tourney Day 1 Recap

The tournament got off to a great start Thursday and I'm very excited to watch all day after school today. So, in case we don't have too much time to blog for you here until the 1st round goes final here are some tidbits from Thursday.

BC 84 def. Tex Tech 75
Maryland 82 def. Davidson 70
Louisville 78 def. Stanford 58
Wash. St. 70 def. Oral Roberts 54
Gtown 80 def. Belmont 55
Butler 57 def. Old dominion 46
Tex. A&M 68 def. Penn 52
Vandy 77 def. G. Wash 44
VCU 79 def. Duke 77
Ohio St.78 def. Central Conn St. 55
MSU 61 def. Marquette 49
UCLA 70 def. Weber State 42
Pitt 70 def. Wright State 58
Xavier 79 def. BYU 77
Indiana 70 def. Gonzaga 57
UNC 86 def. E. Kentucky 65

Come check out my picks. - I'm doing pretty well so far and I'm correcting them as I go

Other sites to check out :

VCU vs. Duke game

This game was really great. Eric Maynor was absolutely electric scoring six of his 22 points in the final 1:24. Maynor's game-winner gave VCU its first tournament victory since the Rams beat Marshall in 1985. For Duke the first-round loss was their first since 1996 and broke their streak of sweet16 appearences at 9. What can I say, I picked it!
**Side note: I think you can look for VCU to play Pitt really well and for it to be another close game. VCU is the best pressing team I think I've seen all year and look for Eric Maynor to continue to dominate. Make sure to tune in to this one

Louisville looked good
Louisville really surprised me. Although I picked them in all of my brackets I did not foresee such a convincing victory. Either that or maybe Stanford is just a lot worse than I gave them credit for.

My Flaws Thus Far
My picks have held up pretty well so far. A game that really surprised me was the domination of George Washington by Vanderbilt. I really thought with Vandy coming in so cold that GWash had a legit shot at winning this game...obviously not. Also i really felt like BYU had the edge over Xavier but Lavender really helped the X down the stretch hitting some clutch runners at the end. Oh well, you can't be perfect.

Other Brackets
I have 4 brackets on facebook with only 1 wrong. I also have pretty good brackets on the Bismarck Tribune and the Star Tribune.

Overall Thursday's games were pretty straight-forward (minus VCU def. Duke of course). So keep tuning in to your favorite blogs and checking on your brackets. But most importantly I fully encourage you to spend almost all of your existence Friday sitting and watching basketball. I know that's what I'll be doing because I love March Madness!


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Other than Duke vs. VCU..obviously... what stuck out to you guys?