Thursday, March 8, 2007

Big 10 and Big XII Conference Tourney Previews


As biased as this could be I really think that Kansas will be our Big XII Champ. Although I think you can look for some really great games. I think potentially KU vs. Tex Tech, Texas vs. Texas A&M will be great semifinal games. Especially Texas A&M vs. Texas: I feel like this game could sway either way but I'm going with A&M because I've seen quite a bit of the Aggies and Acie Law and I think they are legit. They have the edge with experience over a young Longhorns team. Look for the championship to be very hard-fought and close between Texas A&M and KU. But, aside from them being my team I'm taking KU. Acie Law is great but I can't pick against the likes of Rush, Wright, Chalmers and Robinson. This should be exceptional viewing so make sure to tune in for some of these games over spring break. This year's BIG XII tourney should be one of the better tournaments and I think we are all in for a treat.


When a lot of people think of good college basketball they usually focus on the ACC, Big XII, and SEC. Really I can't argue with anyone there but I encourage you all to watch some of this year's BIG TEN tournament. I think it should be one of the better in recent years. Much like the BIG XII Tourney, I think the Semifinal games should be great to watch. Look for Ohio St. to beat Iowa but I think this game might be closer than people think. Personally, I feel the championship everyone wants to see (Wisconsin vs. Ohio St.) probably won't happen. I like Indiana to beat Wisconsin in a doozie. Then after the Semifinal upset look for them to play Ohio St. really tough. In the end Indiana nor Iowa (or really Wisconsin for that matter) have anyone who can REALLY match up against Mr. Greg Oden. Also if they focus in on Oden look for Freshman PG Mike Conley to be able to step up and hit the big shot. I was really tempted to go with Indiana here but Complete Sports did it for me. I'm sticking with Ohio St. to hold up and solidify their number 1 seed in the dance.

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