Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007 NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview

SEA Seahawks at GB Packers
This should be a really good game. Matt Hasselback will try to live down the whole, "we want the ball, we're gunna score" thing while trying to get over the .500 mark (sitting 4-4 for his playoff career). I will obviously be rooting for the Packers and, I will admit that I would rather have had them play the Redskins than the Seahawks. However, I'm pretty confident that Favre gets another big win in his playoff career. As long as the Packers can protect Favre from the likes of Kerney, Peterson, and Tatupu they should be victorious. I just think that the Seahawks aren't quite good enough. Shaun Alexander has not been impressive at all and I don't really see him being able to run the ball against the Packers' front 7. Side note: The Seahawks had the easiest schedule in football: their opponents had an adjusted combined record of 100-140. Are they a paper tiger in that sense?.....a little bit.
Prediction: GB 27 SEA 14

NY Giants at DAL Cowboys
Eli Manning led the Giants to a 4th quarter comeback victory four times this season: tied with Tom Brady for the league lead. Just something to keep in mind when you watch Eli struggle in the first half. I dont' see this being much of a game. I would love to see the Gmen beat down Romo and the 'Boys but with that extra week off they're going to be fully healthy and fully prepared. T.O will be back which will spell trouble for the Giants. True, it is difficult for any team to defeat a division opponent 3 times in a season but while I think Eli is progressing nicely, he’ll have to wait another year.
Prediction: DAL 30 NYG 10

JAX Jaguars at NE Patriots
This is the marquee match-up that I have been waiting all week for as the NFL’s top passing offense (New England) and the league’s No. 2 rushing offense (Jacksonville) take center stage. It is no secret that the Patriots are the biggest story so far this season going 16-0 in the regular season (The NFL’s fourth unbeaten/untied season in history and set a league scoring record with 589 points). But Jaguars are also a dangerous dominating bunch as through the Wild Card, they own an active streak of scoring at least 24 points in 11 consecutive games. I would absolutely love to pick the Jags in this one. I absolutely want the Jags to win this one. I will not be picking the Jags to win this one....I just can't. Where a week off hurts a lot of teams, if you have Bill Belichick as your head coach it helps you immensely. I think the Patriots will be beyond prepared in this one. Bill Belichick is 5-0 when the Patriots have a bye week in the playoffs (including Super Bowls 2003 and 2004). Whenever Belichick has time to prepare, he finds success, or success finds him. Again, I’d love to pick the Jags because they can run the ball, they can stop the run, get to the quarterback and they have a quarterback who doesn’t turn the ball over. However, I just can't pick against Brady, Moss, and the Patriots right now. That being said, "GO JAGS".
Prediction: NE 31 JAX 20

SD Chargers at IND Colts
Though the Chargers beat the Colts 23-21 in November of this season, this is an entirely different Colts squad. Everyone wants to talk about the Patriots, but most people are sleeping on the 13-win Colts in my opinion. Let’s not forget that this team allowed the fewest points in the league this year on defense (262) and they sport this year’s defensive player of the year safety Bob Sanders. And who wants to debate me that the Chargers are just glad to have finally won a playoff game after squeaking past the beat up Titans 17-6 after trailing 6-0 at the half. I personally feel that with the Patriots undefeated season and all, the Colts got kind of forgotten. Remember, they are the defending champs and they are probably a better all-around team than they were last year when they won it. Now, is everybody else better too. Maybe? Are the Chargers better than the Colts? No. Tony Dungy > Norv Turner .... by a longshot.
Prediction: IND 35 SD 13

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Gonner said...

First I have to say nice job with the exact score of the NE/Jack game. I did want to point out thought that if the Red Skins would have won, Green bay would of had to play the Giants not the Red skins.