Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Point Guard U?

The University of Arizona has produced some talented and top point guards the last decade or so, with some of them moving onto the NBA and some just looking to get their careers started.

It is pretty unbelievable how many great point guards have come through this program. It all started in 1991 with Khalid Reeves who went on to play 6 successful seasons in the NBA for the Heat, Hornets, Nets, Mavs, Pistons, and Bulls.

The very next season in 1992, Damon Stoudamire came along. Every one knows about the short lefty who's been playing in the NBA forever. He helped take the Blazers to numerous playoff runs and a few Western Conference Final Runs. Stoudamire is still in the NBA to this day, playing for the Grizzlies.

Jason Terry and Mike Bibby, both current NBA stars for the Mavs and Kings, have had great careers. They both helped Arizona win the 1997 National Championship.

Gilbert Arenas lead the Wildcats for two solid seasons, his team lost in the national championship to Duke in 2001. Arenas is now one of the top players in the league and may just be the best PG's in the league as well.

Jason Gardner was the last great PG to play for the Wildcats. He may not have had any type of NBA season, but Gardner was solid throughout his year for the U of A.
Nowdays, Jerrid Bayless is poised to follow in the foot steps of the great U of A point guards. Bayless is only a freshman and is not only one of the top freshman PGs, but one of the top PG's in the country.

And the trend is still going, the nations current top high school poing guard, has signed a LOI to Arizona for next season. Some experts compare him to Sam Cassell. Jennings and Bayless are poised to lead Arizona to atop the country once again as the will both continue the great point guard legacy at the University of Arizona.

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