Thursday, September 27, 2007

Playoff Talk with %'s and NFL Week 4 Picks

So, tomorrow will be Ming's College Football Weekend Preview, and it's family weekend up here at UND so I won't have much time to post my Week 4 picks on Saturday. Therefore, I just wanted to come chime in on baseball and give you quickpicks for next week.

-The Milton Bradley ordeal is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time. I actually kind of feel sorry for him.

-The Yankees are in the playoffs....Awesome! Now if the Brewers don't make it, I can always watch to cheer for whoever they're playing!

-The NL Playoff race is enough to make your head spin!

-Regardless of who comes out of the NL, the AL teams will be a head above them all.

-Although all of these messy scenarios are possible, Baseball Prospective Playoff Odds reports playoff chances as follows:
1. Mets - 86% (77/8)
2. Diamondbacks - 83% (62/21)
3. Padres - 57% (22/35)
4. Phillies - 42% (22/19)
5. Rockies - 32% (15/17)

-I won't give up on the BrewCrew until it's over.

-There is a 32.3% chance of an outright wild card win for somebody, a 44.1% chance of a two-way tie, a 17.5% chance of a three-way tie, a5.3% chance of a four-way tie, and a 0.8% chance of a five-way tie!

-MLB fans everywhere better hold on to their hats!!

-Last week I went 8-7...not good. I'm looking to improve this week. Here we go.

Texans over Falcons

Bills over Jets

Ravens over Browns

Raiders over Dolphins

Cowboys over Rams

Lions over Bears - I feel it

Packers over Vikings

49ers over Seahawks

Colts over Broncos

Panthers over Bucs

Steelers over Cardinals

Chargers over Chiefs

Eagles over Giants

Pats over Bengals

I'm a little busy today so these are just quickpicks. If you wanna talk my rhyme and reasoning, drop a comment and we'll talk.


stephen a said...

there's a better site for playoff odds.

Bryan said...

Even I don't know about that Lions pick...

grittysquirrels said...

It's a feeling i have.
They have enough offense to potentially crack the Bears D and I have a feeling that they get to Greise with a little passrush and help stop him from "shaking off the rust"

Basically it's a feel-good shot in the dark.

twins15 said...

Cubs up 2 with 3 left to play... better budget out that $5 right now! :)

Go Vikings! First to 3 might win that game. Could be ugly.