Tuesday, September 4, 2007

2007 AFC Predictions

With the NFL Season only two days away, it seems proper to do some predictions.

1. Patriots
Definitely the most talented team and best coached team in NFL. The WR corps will be very solid after adding Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, and Wes Walker. Now that Corey Dillon is gone, I believe Laurence Maroney will be one of the top rushers in the AFC and should get plenty of carries and yards if he can stay healthy. The Defense is one of the best in the league which includes the best defensive front along with new addition at LB in Roosevelt Colvin.

2. Jets
The Jets are primed to show everyone that last year was no fluke. The Jets have plenty of question marks. Who knows who the starting QB will be by the end of the season. Chad Pennington is just too inconsistent, I see Kelly Clemens starting not before long. Thomas Jones was a great off-season pickup, it seems Jets' RBs always accumulate a ton of yards so Jones should put up some good numbers if he stays healthy. The defense is mediocre and young and will have a hard time stopping the run.

3. Bills
I still think the Bills are another year away from contending for the top spot. The offense should produce and be able to put up some impressive numbers; J.P. Losman looks like a true QB, Lee Evans is a great WR, and Marshawn Lynch will be a great back with his strength and speed. The defense will be holding them back after losing Nate Clements, London Fletcher and Takeo Spikes

4. Dolphins
The Dolphins have too many issues. Trent Green? Come on now. That alone speaks for itself...

1. Bengals
I truly think this is the Bengals' year to win the north. The offense is no doubt one of the best in the league with Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson, T.J.Houshmandzadeh, and Rudi Johnson leading the way. I think the defense will be very productive this year, the line is very underrated and the LBs and secondary are loaded with play makers who can create some turnovers and get some big stops.

2. Ravens
The Defense is stellar, including the best secondary in the NFL and will keep them in every game. But the offense seems to be stagnant at times. McNair is old and other than Willis McGahee they lack big play makers on offense.

3. Steelers
The offense will be great with Ben Roethlisberger, Willie Parker, and Hines Ward. I think the Steelers can bounce back but Mike Tomlin won't center the offense around Parker, which is a huge mistake.

4. Browns
It's going to be a long season for the Browns. They have QB problems, not to mention a semi-tough schedule. Brady Quinn will be starting not before too long.

1. Colts
The Super Bowl champs will contend for another title. We all know the offense is great and will be able to put up loads and loads of points, but the defense still needs to improve. I think Anthony Gonzalez will be a great No. 3 WR and Joseph Addai is one of the premier backs in the league. Addai's role will expand and should put up some impressive numbers.

2. Jaguars
The Jags definitely have a solid defense but I dont know how far David Garrard is capable of taking this team. Maurice Jones-Drew is a solid back but they need the WRs to step up.

3. Titans
Vince Young is a good QB but still needs to find some kind of rhythm in the NFL. The offense doesn't have any other big-time threats. Give the Titans one or 2 more years.

4. Texans
Do I really even need to explain?

1. Chargers
The offense is splendid and guess what? Norv Turner said Ladainian Tomlinson will be even more involved in the offense, even though it seemed he was involved in about 90% of their plays last season. The defense will continue to be one of the best in the NFL.

2. Broncos
Denver will be improved from last season, I see Travis Henry rushing for over 1,500 yards. Jay Cutler will be more comfortable behind center and Javon Walker will have one of his best seasons yet.

3. Chiefs
The offense has plenty of holes to fill and will be worse than mediocre. The defense is pretty talented but won't be enough to get them above 5 wins.

4. Raiders
Still have plenty of problems on the offense but the defense is very promising and should help them win a few games. I am still baffled by the recent signing of Daunte Culpepper.

AFC Title Game Prediction:
New England over Cincinnati


twins15 said...

I agree with a lot, but I'm not so high on Cincy (as I have on my blog)... I'm just glad the NFL season is starting.

Bryan said...

I agree with basically all of this. Good work.