Wednesday, September 5, 2007

2007 NFC Predictions

Oh my god, the NFL season starts tomorrow! I guess I better hit you fools with this...

1. Eagles
The Eagles have McNabb coming back and Brian Westbrook will always give you a shot at winning the division. Not to mention that they have above-average receiver depth and a stellar defense. I like the Eagles this long as McNabb can stay healthy.

2. Cowboys
I thought the Cowboys were heading in the right direction under Parcells for a while...then they stalled. Romo will be the outright starter and they are very deep in offensive skill positions (mainly WR and RB). I think they are a abover-average team defensively. They have some really good players but their secondary is a bit of a weak spot. Throw in a new headcoach and I just don't think they have enough to surpass the Eagles.

3. Redskins
They are still a work in progress. Jason Campbell is improving and I think one day he'll be their guy, but as a whole they are just not ready....heading in the right direction though.

4. Giants
Giants fans are going to gain an extreme appreciation for Tiki Barber this season (or an extreme hatred maybe). Pressure is on Eli now and i don't think he can handle it. Expect to see a lot of that near-tears baby face that he frequents when he throws an INT. I'm callin' it: It will be the end of Coughlin in NY.


1. Bears
I have questions about Rex (just like everyone) and Benson's ability to be a full-time back but they have by far and away the most talent in the North. Their defense is a little good too. Plus, how can you not love Lovie. I think he's a great coach.

2. Packers
Favre is getting older but he is still definitely in the top 1/3 of QBs in my mind and he'll be more of a game-manager this year (with a cannon in his back pocket of course). I worry about the running game but I think Morency and Jackson will be a decent tandem and they have great receiver depth. The defense I think will be really great. I'm a little bummed that I won't get to go to a game this year since I'm in school now, but I think they'll have a good year.

3. Vikings
Running game will be very good, but Tarvaris Jackson has to be able to keep defenses honest. I have serious doubts as to whether he can do that with his arm, legs maybe. I just feel like he's not ready yet. Their D will be good as well. Basically they are a lot like the Packers only their problem will be passing instead of running, and due to my life creed I have to pick the Packers above them.

4. Lions
Offense is getting a lot better. They could really do for a good young QB to wait in the wings of Kitna. Their defense is still too horrible for them to climb out of the bottom.

1. Saints
I love Drew Brees and the Saints' offense. Their defense is a question mark but I think, like last season, they'll be fine in that department. I just don't see what's not to like about the Saints in comparison to the rest of the South.

2. Panthers
They're going to be good. They have the potential to win the division but I'm not high on Delhomme or Carr and I see them in a tight race with Seattle for the Wild Card this season

3. Buccaneers
They have a lot of QBs but I'm not sure they have the right guy. Their defense is also getting old and their offensive talent isn't that good that it will be able to pull the rest of the team.

4. Falcons
I don't envy Bobby Petrino. He's inherited what looked like a good job that actually ended up being a nightmare. I just hope he gets his fair shot to rebuild the team. I hope he doesn't get judged by the results of this season because I don't think it will be good.

1. Rams
Bulger and Jackson are both extremely underrated in my mind. They have super depth at WR and I think their defense is on the upswing. They are going to score a lot of points and will now have enough "D" to hold most teams off. I really like the Rams this year.

2. Seahawks
The Seahawks have hit a plateau. They're not getting any better, just slowly less good. They'll look a lot the same but I think the Rams are just that much improved that they won't be able to finish ahead of them. They'll be frontrunners in the wildcard race though.

3. 49ers
Moving in the right direction. Depending on the play of Alex Smith I think they could finish higher than the Seahawks, but I'm not gunna predict it. They're young and good and will only get better under Mike Nolan, who in my mind is a great up-and-coming coach in the league.

4. Cardinals
They have amazing skill players, below-average coaching staff, horrible Oline, and a horrible defense. You can't win with that, but they're pointed in the right direction and they'll score points this season.

NFC Title Game
Eagles over Bears

Super Bowl
Patriots over Eagles


Bryan said...

Apparently the Lions D is horrible, and the Packers are better than the Vikings. I must have missed all of this I guess.

Stefan Ming said...

the eagles making the super bowl is a stretch...

Bryan said...

I'm not as high on Westbrook as TSF is, but I totally agree with your call joe: Coughlin will not be there next year.

Kevin Hayward said...

I see the 49ers finishing higher than third. They're in a tough division, sure, but they're getting better all the time. And didn't they beat the Seahawks twice last year?

grittysquirrels said...

I have them finishing third in what will be a VERY tough division next year and I see them going 9-7 in my mind.

I think they're 1-year away from putting together a possible wildcard type of season.

Also, bryan I'm not crazy about him but there are just some things you can't ignore. He had a great season last year leading the NFC in ypc and went almost unnoticed. In years where McNabb has gone down (which is starting to become more often than not over the last 5 years) he has, at times, literally carried the whole team.

Bryan said...

That's true, I still think that the Eagles are one Westbrook injury away from a 7-9 season, and the fact that Westbrook is a bit injury prone doesn't bode well in my mind.

twins15 said...

I'm not even sure Coughlin will make it through the season... heck, it's a bit mind boggling to me that he's even still the coach. I mean, doesn't the whole team hate him? Haven't they basically been saying that in the media for the past couple years now?

twins15 said...

Oh, and there is no chance that Favre is in the top 1/3 of QBs... he's below average at this point, IMO.