Saturday, September 22, 2007

NFL Picks: Week 3

I hope you took much viewing pleasure in the college football action today. I don't meant to cover up Ming's weekend preview but we both came home this weekend and will be busy traveling and studying tomorrow so I better give you something NFL-related to chew on for tomorrow!

NOTE: These are not against the spread. I'm not that fancy. If that's what you're looking for then go

Arizona Cardinals over Baltimore Ravens
This is a bit of an upset pick here but the Cardinals are coming off a great win last week and I have a hunch that Leinert and Co. will be clicking this weekend.

Carolina Panthers over Atlanta Falcons
I just can't pick the Falcons. They have to show me something in order for me to be physically able to pick them to win a game this year.

Washington Redskins over New York Giants
The Giants suck and I think the Redskins could be a playoff team this year. I didn't think so before the season but Jason Campbell has really showing me that he is for real right now. I thought he was a year away but he might be ready!

St. Louis Rams over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
I just can't see the Rams starting off the season 0-3. Bulger, Holt, Jackson, and an improved D should equal wins this year! I think they get their first here.

San Diego Chargers over Green Bay Packers
This is tough for me to do but I'm concerned about GB's ability (or inability) to run the ball. The Packers D will keep this one close but I'm not confident enough to pick my Packers and I don't wanna be a Homer.

Philadelphia Eagles over Detroit Lions
I feel like the Eagles aren't a 0-3 team and the Lions aren't a 3-0 team

Cleveland Browns over Oakland Raiders
This pick is easy now that the Derek Anderson is the best QB in the NFL...ok not really but that 51-pt. explosion last week is enough to convince me in this one.

New York Jets over Miami Dolphins
This will probably be a crappy game but NY is at home and they're not as bad as the horrible Dolphins.

Pittsburgh Steelers over San Francisco 49ers
This game is going to be really close. I think it will be a lot closer than most people think. I really would love to be able to pick the 9ers as an upset special but I'm not confident enough. The Steelers have looked too good thus far.

New England Patriots over Buffalo Bills

Kansas City Chiefs over Minnesota Vikings
I'm not confident enough in the Vikings QB (whoever it's going to be) to pick them. They could probably hand the ball off 45-60 times and keep it close, but you have to keep defenses honest and I'm not sure they can really do that. Plus, if anyone can exploit a really good defense, it's gotta be Larry Johnson.

Indianapolis Colts over Houston Texans
The Texans have been amazing this year, and I think they will be a good team this season. However, they're not Indianapolis- good yet. The dream doesn't end, it just stalls here.

New Orleans Saints over Tennesse Titans
I don't think Brees and Bush will disappoint again. I think the Saints beat the Titans here in a close one filled with excitement and big plays

Dallas Cowboys over Chicago Bears
Grossman < Romo. That's my reasoning.
Denver Broncos over Jacksonville Jaguars
This will be really close. I don't actually have a favorite pick here, I'm just going with my gut because I view it as a toss-up.

Comments? Picks? Pre and Post-game Smack talk?


Bryan said...

Leinart didn't even play the whole game. And he wasn't hurt. Waaaaay to bring back the QB controversy Whisenhunt. People down here are going insane.

twins15 said...

No comment on the Vikings game... that was absolutely embarrassing.

Packers certainly impressed... beating a talented Chargers team even with no running game. I'll be honest, I didn't think they had it in them.

grittysquirrels said...

Admit it jon,
Favre has played up into the top 1/3 of QB's thus far. You doubted him but he can definitely still get it done and I'm sure you (along with vikings fans everywhere) wish you had a real QB.

Stefan Ming said...

the Eagles should wear those jerseys every week...

twins15 said...

Favre has played well so far... I'm still very confident that he is not a top flight QB still. I guess we'll see.

And the Eagles uniforms were one of the most wretched looking things I have ever laid my eyes on.