Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Little Pregaming: 8/30/07 - 9/03/07

I'm too excited for the 25 straight hours of college football that is nearly upon us to write about anything else. Therefore I'm going to get you ready for the season and this weekend's games in particular.

Other Stuff to Help You Get Ready

This Weekend's Picks
#16 Rutgers over Buffalo
#2 LSU over Mississippi St.
#10 Louisville over Murray State
#24 Boise State over Weber State
#9 Virginia Tech over East Carolina
#1 USC over Idaho
#3 West Virginia over Western Michigan
#7 Wisconsin over Washington State
#22 TCU over Baylor
#23 Hawaii over Northern Colorado
#6 Florida over Western Kentucky

Game of the Week
#12 California over #15 Tennessee

Games That Might Be Closer Than You'd Think
#5 Michigan over Appalachian State
#11 Ohio St. over Youngstown State

Upset Special (if it happens, obviously)
Appalachian State over #5 Michigan
-I know I just picked Michigan to win a close-ish contest above, however this Appalachian St. team is seriously good. They were the D1-AA (FCS) champs last year and this, to me, looks like a huge scheduling mistake by Michigan. They picked the worst D1-AA team to play and they honestly could lose this game if they don't come into it on their game. If they come out flat they could find themselves panicking down the stretch in the 2nd half. It's just a really dangerous game for them because if they lose their season is done before it even starts. -Keep an eye on appalachian State's studly QB Armanti Edwards -

Good, Close Games
#19 Florida State over Clemson
Georgia Tech over Notre Dame
Illinois over Missouri
UCF over NC St.
Georgia over Oklahoma State
Auburn over Kansas State
Boston College over Wake Forest

What do you think about the picks? What are some of yours? How pumped are you for this weekend?


Chris Eldridge said...

I agree with you that the Michigan - App. St. game will not be a walk in the park and I'd kind of like to see the Wolverines go down.
Another close game will be Washington @ Syracuse. Both have 3rd year coaches and are starting freshman QB's

DigitalHeadbutt said...

You probably know this by now, but Richie Williams' final year at QB was 2005. The current mountaineers quarterback is Armanti Edwards (#14).

grittysquirrels said...

yes that was my mistake. Thanks though. since i called the upset I hope it's excused.

Anonymous said...

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