Saturday, August 25, 2007

BCS Bowl Predictions

TSF's comprehensive 2007 NCAA Football Preview concludes with the BCS Bowl Predictions.

USC vs. West Virginia
USC should run the table even with a semi-tough schedule. WVA has a very good chance to finish undefeated even with games at Rutgers and South Florida, their offense will be too explosive.

Wisconsin vs. Florida
Wisconsin will be one of the best teams in the country and will finish 11-1 and and win the Big Ten. I see Florida finishing 10-3, but still earning a BCS Bowl bid with some impressive wins.

LSU vs. Michigan
LSU has a very good chance at finishing undefeated but something tells me they will lose to either V-Tech or Alabama, which will keep them out of the title game. Michigan will finish 2nd in the Big Ten and winds up in the Sugar Bowl with no fit in any of the others.

Virginia Tech vs. Louisville
Something tells me that V-Tech may just be playing in the BCS Title Game, but I can't make up my mind about their game at LSU. As of right now I see them finishing 12-1 with winning the ACC. Louisville has to play at WVA and S. FLA and should falter at least in one of those games.

Texas vs. Hawaii
I see Texas winning the Big 12 and Hawaii finishing undefeated with one of the easiest schedules in the country.

What are your BCS Bowl Predictions?


Anonymous said...

mhmmmm....these werent very good predictions.

Anonymous said...

bc not in it? they can pull it off again vs VT

jewin said...

Um, yeah - not very good predictions at all. And, um, where is Ohio State? You know, Ohio State, that team that led the BSC rankings longer than any other team this season...

Anonymous said...

wth these predictions suck.........michigan, luisvile......wisconsin v flordia.
these suck

Stefan Ming said...

It's called pre-season predictions verybody, look at the DATE!

I made these predictions in August and with the way this seasons gone, I am sure many ppl had bad picks.