Tuesday, August 21, 2007

College Football Odds and Ends

In continuing with TSF's 2007 NCAA Football season preview, I'm going to tie-in some randomish thoughts and ideas in list form that I have on the upcoming season to go along with all of Ming's Conference Previews that I'm sure you've all already read. If you haven't then do it and start getting excited for the upcoming season.

Preseason AP Poll Too-High's and Too-Low's
- #11 Ohio St. --> Too High
- #6 Florida --> Too High
- #8 Oklahoma --> Too High
- #7 Wisconsin --> Too Low
- #25 Texas A&M --> Too Low
- #12 California -->Too Low

Teams to Keep an Eye on (Possible Shockers)
-Boise State (not as under-the-radar as they once were)
-Oregon State
-Georgia Tech

Overrated Teams Who Will Fall
-Ohio St.

Players I'm Stoked to Watch
-DeSean Jackson, California
-Colt Brennan, Hawaii
-Ray Rice, Rutgers
-Ian Johnson, Boise State
-Patrick Turner, USC
-Andre' Woodson, Kentucky

D1-AA (FCS) Teams to Keep an Eye On
-North Dakota State
-Youngstown State
-Appalachian State
-Northern Iowa

D2 Teams Worth Watching
-Chadron State
-Grand Valley State
-North Dakota
-Northwest Missouri
-Nebraska Omaha

What are you College Football odds and ends? Any changes to mine?


Stefan Ming said...

I disagree with some things...

Florida's #6 ranking is perfect they haveone of the most dynamic offenses in the country, the defense has plenty of young talent but it sure will help with the offense scoring 30+ points a game. FLA is lucky they play the majority of their tougher conf. games at home (Tenn, Auburn). Urban Meyer will have them ready for their conference opener on Sept. 15. They are the defending national champions so why should they be lower than 6th with what they have left? I expect them to lose in the sec ship and play in a bcs bowl.

OU is also not too high, remember bob stoops is their head coach? YEs they do lose a QB, for what the 4th year in a row or something? OU will compete with Texas not only for the Big 12 but the BCS Title as well.

But I do agree with OSU being too high they should be somewhere between 15-20.

Heres what I would have done:
Too High:

Too Low:
V Tech


Bryan said...

no love for NAU? fair enough... they'll suck, but the Grizz BLOW!!

go jacks.

Anonymous said...

Hey fag, you think the GRIZ blow look at them, theyre 8-0... name one good team the jacks have beat this year...thats what i though...have fun gettin rocked by eastern washington, theyre not the griz by any means, but i got 10 bucks says theyl smoke your worthless jacks....