Monday, August 20, 2007

Playing the Percentages with Mike Vick

I had a little something in regards to TSF's NCAA Football Preview planned for tonight but with the recent news announced in regards to the Falcon's QB today - I've gotta share my thoughts on the topic.

- % that Vick will go to jail = 100%

- % that Vick will serve 1+ year(s) in jail = 100%
-% that Vick spends atleast 3 years out of the NFL (Jail time + additional suspensions from Roger Goodell) = 95%
- % that Vick ever suits up as an Atlanta Falcon again = 0%
- % that Vick ever plays in the NFL Again = 5o%
- % of players who still respect Vick = 50%
- % of fans who still respect Vick = 5%
- % that Vick will ever be marketable again = 0%
- % that Vick will be anything like his old self (talent-wise) when/if he comes back = 0%
- % of Falcon's fans/players/coaches who would rather have LT = 100%
- % of Falcon's fans/players/coaches who would rather have Schaub left to start than Harrington = 100%
- % that the Falcons make the playoffs this season = 0%
- % that the Falcons win more than 4 games = 20%

Basically just playing the odds via personal opinion there. He's pleading guilty and he's going down. As you can probably tell by my %'s, I think there will be somebody that will take the chance on him when he can get back in the league. However, he is a mobile/running QB and by the time I foresee him coming back he will be 29 or 30 years old, and prison isn't the best place to refine your pocket passing. He will never be marketable for any team who chances on him, any sponsers, or the league. Basically whoever spurred the idea to trade up and take Vick over Tomlinson in '01 should feel like a complete ass right now. Also the idea of trading Matt Schuab seems completely retarded right now as everyone affiliated with the Falcons thinks of what could have been.

What do you think of my %'s. Lemme know changes you'd make and your thoughts on the situation!


Anonymous said...
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Bryan said...

How can you judge a pick that's 6 years old? Like they knew he'd dog fight. He was a great character guy coming out of VTech, who would know? You have no basis for comparing those picks... That's like criticizing the Lakers for trading for Kobe after his rape trial 7 years into his career, i.e. there is no basis for the claim.

I agree with basically all of your percentages, and cool way to talk about it - was wondering how TSF would tackle this issue. I just have a problem with the comparing the Vick and LT picks. Both great character guys, both incredibly talented, both about the same age... the Chargers already had a QB (Doug Flutie) at the time so they traded for a need. It was just a good old fashion trade that worked out for both teams until Mike Vick lost his head.

Will said...

Personally, i do not think there are many things in the world more sick than what he did. To enjoy torturing and killing defenseless animals is so sick. I really hope that he gets more than a year in jail (i would like to see up to 5 years, but thats not gonna happen). This kind of behavior is inexcusable and shameful to his family and fans. Lately on the radio, they said that vick would miss maybe 3 years total, and that the chances of vick getting an invite to a training camp were very real, not as a QB maybe. The question is this. If you are a coach, GM, owner, whatever, do you take the chance and associate his name with your team? And if you were a player who is appalled with what vick did and vick is invited on your team, how do you speak out against it?