Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2007 MLB Trade Deadline Reviews

Hey Sports Flow readers, I am taking on a different role tonight. I'm Bryan, a long time reader of this particular blog and a semi-frequent blogger. I was asked by the good people at TSF to do a post on the MLB non-waiver trade deadline, and I jumped at the chance. So, let's dive right in!

Kenny Lofton to the Indians

As a Tigers fan, I was not excited to read that this trade had went down. I think Kenny improves the Indians tremendously, especially because they didn't have a whole lot going on at the corner outfielder spots. Kenny will get on base for that terrific lineup and improve the speed and defense of the club as well.
As for the Rangers, they got a future MLB catcher in Max Ramirez whom they will probably trade within the next year or so. If anything, they just got another piece to trade for when they're relevant again. Can't complain too much there.

Dan Wheeler to the Astros for Ty Wigginton
One of the more bizarre trades of the de
adline, I'm not so sure that the Astros needed Wigginton. Sure, Morgan Ensberg hasn't been the same since his shoulder injury last year but I don't see Wigginton as much of an upgrade.
Wheeler helps shore up the worst bullpen in baseball, and it is a plus that they control him for another season after this one, but I was figuring they would move him for something else. My prediction here is they trade him this offseason or wait to rob someone next July.

Luis Castillo to the Mets
I don't see Castillo being the answer at 2B for the Mets, but it's another piece to try I suppose. The Twins were probably not going to re-sign him after this year and GM Terry Ryan got what he could for him (although he got 2 fringe future major leaguers). You gotta think that he could have gotten more, but all in all this probably ends in a wash unless Castillo's back improves once he gets off the Metrodome's turf (a possibility).

Kyle Lohse to the Phillies
Lohse was getting moved this deadline it was just a matter of to whom. The Reds are awful, and the Phillies need pitching help. Is Lohse the answer? Hell. No. But he's a serviceable arm and they didn't give up too much for him.

Mark Teixiera to the Braves

I like this trade a lot for both sides. The Braves gave up a LOT but they are getting a potential future Hall of Famer back. I'm actually not really high on Teixiera myself, but this was the best deal on the table for Texas and this was the time to deal Teixiera. Look for Teixiera to keep the Braves in the NL East race for many years to come (if they can convince him to re-sign... he's from the Atlanta area but it is Scott Boras...)
The steal for the Rangers were the 3 top-5 prospects they got from the Braves system. Any time you can clean that good of a farm system out like that, you did WELL. Jared Saltalamacchia is a future All Star catcher and get used to the man they call Salty because he is exactly that at the plate. The dude can flat out rake. I also liked the other players the Rangers got, especially INF Elvis Andrus.

Eric Gagne to the Red Sox
Well if there was any doubt where the best bullpen in baseball rested before today, there isn't anymore. The Red Sox get the top reliever on the market without giving up one of their top 3 prospects. Kudos Theo Epstein, and I would NOT be excited to play Boston this postseason.
As for the Rangers, again they took the best deal. Kason Gabbard has been pitching well and will probably be a good major leaguer, but the real prospect to watch in this deal is 17 year old Engle Beltre. HE will determine who won this deal down the road, not Gabbard.

Matt Morris to the Pirates
If I'm a Giants fan, I jump up and down at this. Pirates fans, I'm sorry. This deal makes NO SENSE for the Pirates. They are completely irrelevant and they take on $21 million in salary to pay a washed up pitcher. Someone needs to send the Pirates' GM a memo telling him that being the baseball version of the Knicks is NOT a good thing.
The Giants got.... who cares? They got rid of Morris' huge contract and got younger. EXACTLY what they needed to do. Three thumbs up Sabaen.

Octavio Dotel to the Braves
I like that the Braves are going all in for the next 2 years and aren't half assing it. They even traded for some more bullpen help with the Padres later on in the day by getting Royce Ring. Dotel allows Bobby Cox and Co. to give Rafael Soriano a much needed break and shores up a decent bullpen.
Mr. Dayton Moore, everything you have touched in Kansas City so far as been gold, but you could have gotten much much more for Dotel. I know you are familiar with the Braves system because you ran the whole thing last year, but Kyle Davies has over 200 innings of major league experience and guess what, the stats aren't good. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt right now, but this was a very very shaky move in my opinion.

Wilson Betemit to the Yankees
I like this trade for the Yankees, mostly because Joe Torre ran Scott Proctor to the ground last year and he was starting to show signs of that wear. The Yankees pick up one of the mest utility guys in the league (reports are he will start at 1B) and pick up some insurance in case A-Rod bolts town this offseason. In all honesty, I think the Yankees did this trade because they thought they were getting Gagne. They could use bullpen help and they just traded away an innings eater if nothing else.
The Dodgers needed bullpen help, and I don't hate Proctor, but I do think that the wear that Torre put on him the past season and a half is sending him fast to Irrelevantville.

Morgan Ensberg and Rob Mackowiak to the Padres
The Padres have been trying to shore up their bench for a while, and since Ensberg was irrelevant in Houston after the Wigginton deal and Mackowiak was a bench player for a bad White Sox team, they both came cheap. I like both trades for the Dads.

Well, it was a rather uneventful deadline but there were still a lot of moves made that could pay off this season or the next. What do YOU think about the deadline?


stephen a said...

I wasn't aware that there was a player named Jason Saltalamacchia. But in all seriousness, did the Braves really need to give him up? Is the next 100 at bats of Salty that much different than 100 of Tex? Probably not. And Salty probably will have to move to 1B anyways.

twins15 said...

I've read some places that think the Sox shouldn't have given up Gabbard, but in reality Gabbard's not that good. Maybe an average 4th or 5th starter at best, and I'm not even sure he'll be that good. I liked that move for Boston.

And I didn't mind the Twins giving up Castillo, because Alexi Casilla can probably be about as effective for a fraction of the cost, which is huge saving that money. The prospects they got back suck, but oh well.

The only bad thing was Johan's reaction obviously. In reality, Castillo's an aging 2B with bad knees, no power, and rapidly declining range defensively... but I guess perception is reality. Hopefully that was just heat of the moment talk.

grittysquirrels said...

OK, well since you got to play the role of me (the TSF Blogger)I'm going to play the role of you (the frequent reader and overly critical commenter).

Overall the post was good. BUT I'll have to pick it apart anyways (obviously).

So, first off I think you are a little too high on saltalamacchia. He has 158 career ABs and is a career .259 hitter with 4 HRs and 14 RBIs with 41 Hits and 33 Ks. That's not "flat out raking" and I don't see him as such a sure-fire all-star catcher that you do.

How can you call Texiera a potential HOFer and then in the next sentence say you're not really high on him? What happens to guys that you are actually high on?

Also, you say that you don't understand the Astros pursuing Wiggingtondespite Ensberg's shoulder problems. But, then later report ensberg going to the Padres. So, obviously it must make a little sense.

I'm done nitpicking now....there's not much to complain about really. Good job and and thanks for covering my ass while i was on vacation.

Bryan said...

well ok, now i get to play your role again and comment on my own post.

there's no doubt teixiera is a potential HOF, his talent is there to get into Cooperstown, but I myself am not as high as him as other are.
Salty can flat out rake. Compare his numbers to a lot of the catcher their first 150 so at-bats... then try to make that case.

And ensberg DOES have shoulder problems, Wigginton ISN'T really an upgrade, and ensberg IS going to San Diego.... what is there not to get??

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