Sunday, August 5, 2007

My World In Sports: Big Night For Baseball as I Return Home

Now, back from vacation the sports world has given me plenty of lemons to make lemonade. So what else but "My World In Sports" to recap the last 24 hrs. Vacation was great but it's good to be back. Now lets get down to business.

Bonds is cheered in San Diego
Well most of you readers know where I stand on the subject. I'm sure you also all know that Bonds tied Hank Aaron as the all-time HR King last night. I was a little surprised that they cheered rather than booed in SD. But I'm happy for him I guess...Even though it may be hard to dispute that he didn't cheat. Even happier for the 33-year old plummer who caught the ball who probably will never have to fix a toilet ever again! Look,It's inevitably going to happen so I hope he can break this record as quick and painlessly as possible. Although I'm guessing that they'll wait and try to get him to do it in SF. We know Selig is going to be there now so I just hope he just hits it ASAP so we can kind of stop talking about it a little.

Arod Drops the Abomb
Just like Bonds tying Aaron....we knew it was coming. Arod became the youngest player to hit 500 career HRs. He hit 500 about a year sooner than Jimmie Fox in what turned out to be a HUGE night for baseball and in baseball history. I think it now probably becomes increasingly obvious to most baseball fans that Arod has the best chance to catch Bonds (wherever that may be) and how seriously good Arod really is. I personally think that Arod should crush Bonds' record someday...especially if he can continue to stay healthy and DH in the AL as he gets older. Also, a move out of the big apple probably wouldn't hurt him as a player either.

NFL Preseason Kicks Off Tonight

It will be pretty refreshing to see a little pigskin fly tonight (8 ET on NFL Network) with the Steelers playing the Saints in the HOF Game. The NFL Network is airing 52 Games in 29 days...which is pretty sweet because I get the NFL Network, so I'll be tuning in. Don't expect to see a lot of Brees, Bush, Roethlisberger, and Co., but it will be nice to just see some football on TV. To prepare you readers may want to check out some Fantasy Football Quicklooks!

That's what I have to say about the bigtime stories in sports in the last 24 hours. Any you think that I missed? What are your thoughts on the big HRs, and the exciting start of the NFL Preseason? Given the circumstances was this one of the biggest, if not THE biggest night, historically, in MLB history?


zekejennings said...

I agree that A-Rod leaving New York will only help his HR record chances, although he may not end up needing the help.

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