Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Letter To: Bud Selig

Dear Bud,

I'm am writing to you to tell you that you are WEAK. Grow up and quit acting like a little kid. As HR # 755 sailed over the LF wall and the camera paned to you you stood there and dug your hands as deep as you possibly could into those pockets of yours while sporting your very best bitter beer face. You spent so much time deliberating over if you were going to show up to see the record go down and then you do this? Quit half-assing it! Did you really follow him around for 9 games just to stand there with your hands in your pockets like that? I'm not saying you should have screamed, jumped, or even smiled but a small congratulatory clap would have been most appropriate. You are the freaking commissioner! If you are going to show up then come and do more than just stand there and look visibly disgruntled. Accept this, that's what I (along with many other baseball fans) are trying to do. I'm ready to see him hit it. It is happening whether you like it or not so either go and recognize Bonds or don't come at all. I really hate Barry Bonds as a player and I feel like he has handled himself 300x better than you have in regards to the HR race. I feel like Bonds has handled it (all things considered) nearly perfectly while you continue to act like a little kid about it. Seeing you handle this in such a way really gives me a true appreciation for what David Stern, a real commisioner, can do when presented with a problem (think recent press conference in regards to Tim Donaghey). Grow up and do the right thing when Bonds hits it in the coming week or so. You helped harbor the steroids era in your sport now suck it up and let's get this thing over with; for your sake and for mine.

grittysquirrels - TSF

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TeeOff said...

Bud is a joke...he is responsible for the steroids in baseball and should stop acting like he is disgusted with players actions.