Friday, August 10, 2007

Who's Hot, Who's Not

Seattle Mariners
They continue to surprise a lot of people and make a nice push in both the AL Wildcard and in the AL West. The Angels better not get too comfortable!

Tiger Woods
In the final event before the final major of the year, Woods buried Rory Sabbatini and the rest of the field Sunday at the Bridgestone Invitational for an eight-shot victory, sending his confidence soaring Sunday as he left for Southern Hills and the PGA Championship.

Matt Murphy
Interesting story....So he's delayed in SF trying to travel from NY to Australia with some friends and he throws on his Mets jersey and heads out to AT&T Park and basically wins the lottery. Got his face scraped up a bit but I'm guessing it was totally worth it. Kind of interesting that of all the Giant fans at the game dreaming of the ball a kid in a Mets jersey catches the ball and will split the profits with his friend (who was at the game in an Arod jersey!). I'm interested to see what he ends up doing with the ball.

Arizona Cardinals
With Matt Leinert learning and improving everyday, the Edge in the best shape of his life, and the superstar Fitzgerald continuing to improve his route running the Cardinals look like they could make a serious run at making the playoffs this season. And with the great young core of superstar talent they have they should be around for a while....especially once the defense improves.

Milwaukee Brewers
Tough pill for me to swallow here but things have not been good. A four game losing streak puts the beermakers in first by a mere half game. On the bright side there is the Soriano injury!

Rory Sabattini
Made the whole, "Tiger's more beatable than ever" comment and then went ahead and squandered a 1 shot lead to lose by 8 and at one point was shaken to the point that he ordered a fan removed from the course by security for some relatively funny/ironic, yet completely harmless interjection made at the turn. He basically made himself look retarded.

Bud Selig
Selig made himself look like an idiot in the last week or so. He trudged around behind Bonds for 9 games and then what Bonds tied the record the commish stood with his hands deep in his pockets and looked very disgruntled. He then declined to be present when Bonds broke the record. Hate to break it to you Bud, but all eyes are on you right now and you're making yourself look like a fool!

Obafemi Ayanbadejo
He has a cool name but the NFL suspended him for the first four regular-season games without pay for violating the league's policy on anabolic steroids and related substances on Thursday. He claims to not have knowingly infringed upon the rules and will pursue civil action against the makers of the product Max LMG.


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