Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My World In Sports: What I've Been Waiting For

I just got done studying and I wanted to quick come at you with what has me all excited in the world of sports right now.

I Am Ready For Some Football!
After a few pretty quiet weeks in the sports world (maybe minus the Little League WS?) I am definitely ready for some football. The College Football season will officially kick off on Thursday...even though it technically started for me last Thursday with a 59-0 smackdown of Humbolt State. It will be perfect because I don't have class on Thursdays so I can get my laundry and studying done during the day and then tune in to some football in the evening! Although the games aren't much to look at. However, I highly encourage all sports fans out there to tune in to the LSU vs. Miss St. game just to see how good the Tigers are going to be. Or, maybe rather how poor the Bulldogs will be. Also a game to tune into might be the Tulsa vs. Louisiana-Monroe game if you're looking for something a little closer. Mostly just enjoy watching the beautiful game on television again.

MLB is heating up Big Time
Most specifically, in my mind the NL Central. My Brewers are struggling hugely as the Cubs continue to meander there way to a first place lead and the Cardinals make an incredible surge. Something that also goes without mention is that I the Reds have gone from arguably the worst team in the NL to only 8 games back in the Central. They don't have a shot at winning the division but that is an amazing accomplishment in itself that has been ignored. It's also a great time for some awesome and relevant matchups in baseball! Top pivotal series' include MIL vs. CHC, SEA vs. LAA, BOS vs. NYY, ARI vs. SD. Check them out!

Things I Am Ready To Be Done With
I am ready to stop talking about the Vick case. I wish they could sentence him tomorrow and the media could move on. You readers know how I feel on the issue and I think that the media is starting to beat a dead horse at this point. I mean, when you have your own section on's article-ticker-thing for a good week or more that is enough. Also, I love the Little League World Series, but I'm a little glad it's over too. With a lack of good sports to watch over the last week or so I just got worn out with it. Basically I can't wait!

Is there anything you think I missed? How excited are you to watch some college football on TV? How sick of the Vick ordeal are you?


twins15 said...

That reminds me... got my $5 ready!! :)

grittysquirrels said...

It's never over till it's over (as I'm sure you're aware). Plus, if the Cardinals win the division I owe Ming $5....yuck.

Bryan said...

Tune into the NAU vx. Western New Mexico game if you get a chance (actually, no, don't, we're going to kill them).
Anyway, glad football is back, I HATE the LLWS, and Vick is the new T.O.

Go sports again!