Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TSF's Top College Football Analysts (Current)

Well yesterday I gave you my top current college football announcers. Today I am going to give you my top analysts. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your favorites.

Best of the Best: Analysts

1. Kirk Herbstreit

Seems like he is far ahead of the other College Football analysts on ESPN. His analysis is always very insightful and seems to always know what he is talking about. He is always prepared no matter which team he is covering, and when it comes to debates on College Gameday or SportsCenter, he always gets his point across, and is usually the one giving the shots, whether it be Lee Corso or Mark May taking them.

2. Trev Alberts
Alberts is now an analyst with CSTV and is very similar to Herbstreit. I was very disappointed after ESPN let him go. I always thought he deserved to be part of the College Gameday Crew, which he always stated during halftime reports or whenever himself. He always gets straight to the point with his provocative analysis and pithy comments.

3. Gary Danielson
The CBS Analyst calls many games with Verne Lunquist doing the play-by-play. Knows a lot about the SEC and his in-depth analysis is very intriguing and incisive. I would like to thank Danielson for this comment he made during the SEC Championship game last season: "Let's face it, Michigan is a second place team". This is the SEC. We don't call that".

4. Todd Blackledge
I love his analysis and always gets to the point. His words are very insightful and complex. He helps call games along my top play-by-play announcer Ron Franklin. He is always well-prepared and makes the games that much better.

5. Bruce Feldman
Mainly just a Sr. Writer for ESPN, but I really enjoy his take on things. He has a certain point of view that is very interesting and his analysis is so down to earth. He never seems radical in his opinion and always gives intelligent remarks. He doesn't ramble like some other analysts. Let's just say he definitely knows what he is talking about.


My Hero Zero said...

I like Herbstreit, but his next ESPN contract should include a provision that bans him from any reference to Ohio State. Has anyone checked on his well-being since the Florida game?

Mike said...

Herbie is definately the best college color commentator as well as pre-game co-host. He really needs to have more individual opportunities, but then again, too much of a good thing isn't any good at all.