Sunday, July 8, 2007

TSF's 2007 MLB Midseason Awards

Here are my midseason awards. I reserve the right to change these by the end of the season.

AL: Alex Rodriguez - NYY
Magglio Ordonez is the next best choice but it should be a no-brainer. Without Arod the Yankees would be utterly pathetic. He had arguably the best April in baseball history and has driven in about 20% of the Yankees' runs.
NL: Prince Fielder - MIL
I might be a Brewers fan and I might be a homer but I think Fielder makes a great case for NL MVP thus far. The Brewers are winning and he's carrying them and holding them up in first place. Matt Holliday is a guy a lot of other bloggers might go with but I think because of what the Brewers have done in comparison to the Rockies I gotta go with Prince. PS -can't wait to get me one of these

AL: Daisuke Matsuzaka - BOS
Doesn't seem fair that he is so much older and experienced than other rookies but he meets the definition of rookie by the rulebook and therefore he has definitely been the AL ROY thus far I would say
NL: Ryan Braun - MIL
Call me a homer again but Braun came up and bat 3rd in the 1st place Brewers' lineup almost immediately and has done wonderful. The next best bet would be Hunter Pence of Houston but I give Braun the edge because he has more BBs & SBs, equal HRs, only 10 less RBIs, and an average of .350 with 100 less ABs than Pence. Not to mention that the Astros are bad and the Brewers are a first place team (right now).

AL: Mike Scioscia - LAA
Our AL Manager of the Year to this year would have been Mike Hargrove for his job with the M's, but being he has resigned, will give it to perennial contender, Mike Scioscia for the great job he's done with the Angels
NL: Ned Yost - MIL
He's been the one leading the way of the turnaround in Milwaukee over the past few years and now I think it is time he gets the recognitions. He's done a great job with all the young players and I really think he deserves this one....even if some sites can be overly critical of him at times!

LVP (Least Valuable Player)
AL: Julio Lugo - BOS
Lugo is trying to make history this season. He has a legit shot at being the first Red Sox Player ever to bat below .200 and have an OBP and SLG both of under .300. He's got a shot...
NL: Pat Burrell - PHI
I'm guessing when they formulated the contract they were expecting Burrell to be a star being as he is getting paid $13 Mil this season to fight for a starting spot. And to think that I wasted a middle pick on him in my fantasy draft!

AL: Carlos Pena - TB
He's hitting .287 with 20 HRs, 52 RBIs, .395 OBP, .609 SLG. Can't say I saw that coming at all!
NL: J.J. Hardy - MIL
He's rebounded tremendously after the gruesome ankle injury he sustained last season which required surgery. I looked for the play-at-the-plate on YouTube but couldn't find it.

AL: Dan Haren - OAK
There a lot of great choices for this award (think Sabathia, Beckett, Lackey, Santana, and others) but I'm giving it to Haren. Haren has been lights out with a 10-2 record and a 2.20 ERA. He has been a nightmare for opposing hitters and if the A's were without Haren, they would be behind the cellar dwelling Rangers.
NL: Jake Peavey - SD
This is a pretty easy pick in my opinion I love to watch him pitch and I think this one is relatively indisputable.


twins15 said...

I just did this as well... didn't even see yours.

Anyway, I disagree with some, as you could tell from my post. I'd put Hanley as the NL MVP, though Prince is a good choice. Braun has been great, but Pence has a lot more ABs, which makes him the better choice there IMO.

As for Comeback POY, I've never really gotten into that award because there's a lot of ways to interpret "comeback", but Josh Hamilton seems like the easy choice there.

grittysquirrels said...

But Braun has very similar power numbers to Pence with the 100 less ABs and he is batting 3rd for a first place team.

As for comeback I don't relly like that one that much either and I think I might have overlooked Hamilton a bit.

That's wierd cuz the same thing happened a few days back when we posted the All-Star grading posts like 20 mins apart.

Great minds think alike....

One More Dying Quail said...

Lugo wouldn't be the first Red Sox player to bat below .200 and have an OBP and SLG under .300. Tony Pena did it in 1993.