Thursday, July 26, 2007

Problem Solving Skills

Right now most bloggers are chiming in on various atrocities in sports right now. In NBA you have betting refs and fixed games. The NFL has dogfighting and MLB has Balco and Bonds' Chase. I'm gunna make it easy for the respective commissioners and (try and) solve their problems as best as I can.

David Stern and the NBA
I start with you because you have it the worst. I felt bad for you watching the press conference the other day. You're in a tough position that (obviously nobody wants to be in), but you can save your sport. The NBA is on the downslide (in my opinion) and this fiasco could be the dagger unless if something is done. You can't undo what has been done but there must be the maximum penalty to make an example of Tim Donaghy. This whole thing shows how vulnerable not only the NBA is but all sports really are to something like this. Also, from here on out in the future I think that the NBA needs to befriend the casinos. The Casinos are not the enemy here...Donaghy is. Think about it. Casinos don't like fixed games. Casinos HATE fixed games because casinos like to win money rather than lose money. It's pretty simple. So, befriend the casinos and have each other's backs. They would be able to see if a line jumps maybe 3 nights in a row in the NBA and they could notify the league and then maybe they could notice that all were refed by the same guy! Here's another though: Maybe institute instant replay? This is all just a start for this whole ordeal though.

Roger Goodell and the NFL
You don't have it half as bad as Stern does. The whole dogfighting this is really ugly, but you can make the best of the situation. You came off a little weak to me by not ruling Vick out from camp sooner but better now than never I guess. I think that you need to continue to push for him to take a leave of absence for this season and go from there. You have to show you're serious about this by keeping the same iron fist that you used to rule on Pacman and Chris Henry. Keep it consistent and don't be afraid to do what you have to do once this all shakes out. Especially if that means Vick not seeing the field ever again.

Bud Selig and MLB
Bud your answer is the simplest here of all 3. Be there for 756! It's that simple! If you didn't want to be there to watch some roided out star break Aaron's record then you should have done something about the situation in the 90's when you ignored it. You knew it was happening and chose to let it go. Now you have to lie in the bed that you made. This is going to look bad no matter what, so just show up at the games and be there, because it's your fault that players went unchecked and untested at the birth and height of the steroid era.

That was easy....kind of. What are you solutions to today's problems in sports?


Bryan said...

That was easy because you didn't even solve any of their problems! Fuck... anyone with remote knowledge of all three of those situations could have written that post.

Stern - you didn't actually give any advice, just said to work with casinos.

Goodell - told him to do something that he's already done.

Selig - basically told him to drop his job of running baseball to travel around the country every 3 days in hopes that 756 happens that day. Selig should let it happen, and then come to the next game and hand Bonds an award, then fly back to Milwaukee the next day and resume his JOB.

Bill Simmons for NBA Commish.

Anonymous said...

What does instant replay have to do with the betting?

In all honesty, grittysquirrels, in the majority of your posts you don't ever get a point across. You bloviate so much that you give out different opinions to the extent that nobody can tell what your own opinion is; and it seems like half of the time you don't even know what you're talking about!

grittysquirrels said...

Thanks guys. The replay has to do with betting in that if you click on that link and read the article i researched it will spell it out for you. Also just because what I thought isn't the same as yours doesn't mean that it's wrong or that my personal opinion isn't helping to solve their problems.

Anonymous, I give off different opinions because i need a different opinion for each situation. I understand what I'm talking about and if you dont' I appologize.

Cuz, oh yea, bill simmons for NBA Commish is so realistic thank you.

Stefan Ming said...

I think anonymous was trying to say that because you "bloviate" so much, it means you give out different opinions without you yourself even realizing. Well, atleast thats how I interpret it.

Bryan said...

i'm still wondering how you're solving their problems, as you claim to be doing...

and really, i'll agree with whoever anonymous was (it actually wasn't me this time).

And sure Bill Simmons for NBA commish will never happen, but instead of chasing instant replay links you should give him a read because he actually KNOWS what he's talking about when it comes to the NBA and he has some VERY good ideas. You e-suck Prince Fielder every other post, why criticize when I tout someone who actually knows what they're talking about on a topic you just posted on?