Sunday, July 22, 2007

ESPN's "Who's Now"?... Who Cares

So ever since SportsCenter started a segment a few weeks ago called "Who's Now", I've been wondering what even is the point? I don't care if Dwayne Wade is more "now" than Shaun White or if Ladainian Tomlinson is more marketable than David Beckham. But, does anyone even know exactly what "now" means anyways?

How can you really truly prove who is more "now"? What if Tiger won the British Open this past weekend? Would that have made him the most "now" athlete? When Bonds hits number 756 will that make him more "now" when the day comes? This is all just a waste of time, they should have thought of something more worth while like "The Best Damn Sports Show" did last year:

Also, it doesn't make it any better when you have Keyshawn Johnson making himself look like an idiot trying to say something important. And I mean come on, what does Jessica Biel know about sports anyways? This is ESPN, not E! - Entertainment News.

This is what ESPN is coming to; now one of the best and one of my favorite sports shows is becoming a joke too. I miss the old days of SportsCenter, you know, when they actually talked about sports.

Story: As its empire grows, has ESPN become the worldwide cheerleader in sports?


twins15 said...

Sportscenter sucks... I don't even watch it anymore. Actually I mostly avoid ESPN altogether aside from ESPN News, ESPN Classic, and live games. said...

I couldn't agree with you more...I don't remember the last time I've left Sports Center during a broadcast, but after I saw this it was an easy choice. I used to cringe when Tim Kurkjian came on the air with his squeaky voice and production written/Peter Gammons assisted scripts, but this has gone too far. Not only does this segment take time, it includes Keyshawn Johnson. He's the most obstinate and cocky pro athlete I've ever seen or heard. I still don't understand why ESPN hired him. He wasn't a team player and bounced from team to team after every coach he had hated him. ESPN should take note regarding how Stephen A. Smith's inclusion turned out.

At least Kevin James and Adam Sandler are funny. What this has to do with sports is beyond me..

Bryan said...

Read that MSNBC article too. Who's Now is a joke and ESPN is becoming ridiculous. If you get a chance, read ESPN's Obudsmon's articles. She's got a perspective on things.

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