Thursday, July 12, 2007

The future of US Soccer is here (hopefully)

The U-20 Soccer World Cup is taking place as we speak in Canada. The US team has looked very impressive thus far, and after a Round 16 win today over Uruguay, they now advance to the quarterfinals vs. Austria on July 14.

After winning their group with wins over Poland and top dog Brazil, and a saddening tie vs. Poland, the US team is making a serious World Cup title run.

I wouldn't consider myself a huge soccer fan, but when it comes to USA Soccer and World Cups, I love watching soccer. After the big time national team won the Gold Cup and the U-20 team looking pretty impressive at the U-20 World Cup, I am very excited about the future of US Soccer.

With young stars in Freddy Adu, Josmer Altidore, and Michael Bradley, US Soccer has a bright future. Granted Adu has struggled in the Pros, I do really feel this is Adu's coming out party. From here on out, especially when it comes to national competition, he's going to be a big star. The funny thing about it is that Adu may not even be the best of the three I just mentioned. Josmer Altidore is a great player as well and has been very solid in the U-20 World Cup, especially scoring two goals in the upset of Brazil.

The U-20's next match up is this Saturday vs. Austria. I feel they'll pull off another win here and advance to the semi's vs. another heavy favorite, Spain (We'll just have to wait before I make a prediction on this game). When I see this U-20 team winning and Adu and Altidore dominating, it just gets me excited about the future of US soccer.

Now to talk about the 2010 World Cup, only three summers away. I am really stoked for the 10' World Cup to begin in South Africa, by that time Adu and Altidore should be huge stars on the team. I really feel Bob Bradley can get this team in the right direction and get these young players some valuable experience for the next 2-3 years.

Freddy Adu and Josmer Altidore truly are the future of US soccer, the US team just needs to take advantage of their great young talent. They should have one of the best US teams in recent memory and if they can't get it done again it may be decades before the USA can be a real contender.

But come the World Cup, Italy, France, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Germany better watch out, because the US may just have the next best thing...


Jess said...

I must say I've been following the U-20 World Cup fairly closely. (Well as closely as one can when only a handful of games are on TV.) I was a little surprised to see not a mention of goalie Chris Seitz in your post. Twenty-two saves in the first three games, 14 of those against Brazil, is pretty impressive.

Anyway here's hoping for a win against Austria this weekend.

Bryan said...

Finally a post on something other than the Brewers!

But in all seriousness, US Soccer is looking like it has a future once again. I don't see them contending for a World Cup yet but I can surely see them getting close.

the sports lounge said...

painful loss to austria....