Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My American League All-Stars

I realize I waited too late in the week to make predictions so even though the real starting rosters are out I'm going to give you my AL starters and you can tell me if you agree or not and see how they compare to how the fans voted.

TSF's Pick: Victor Martinez - CLE
Posada isn't a bad choice but Martinez has him in HRs and RBIs Hs, ABs. He strikes out considerably less and and his AVG is only .13 lower than Posada's. His numbers are better overall and who needs to see another Yankee in an all-star game? Martinez is my pick over Posada and I don't agree with the fans' picking Ivan Rodriguez.

1st Base
TSF's Pick: Justin Morneau - MIN
With no seperate DH spot on the roster David Ortiz obviously took it home. Morneau really deserves it though if the vote was for a pure AL firstbaseman.

2nd Base
TSF's Pick: BJ Upton - TB
Theres really no weaker race than that of the AL 2nd basemen. Upton certainly doesn't help with his inconsistent defense and his minor quadricepts injury. Polanco and Cano were neck and neck for a long time based on fan popularity but I find Upton most deserving. Plus, the DRays gotta have someone to represent them so why not Upton and in starting fashion!

3rd Base
TSF's Pick: Alex Rodriguez - NYY
Needs no explanation.

Short Stop
TSF's Pick: Orlando Cabrera - LAA
Of course Jeter is going to win the fan vote but consider this... Orlando beats Derek in: H, 2B, RBI, Ks, SB and has the same amount of R, HR, and TB as Jeter. His AVG is only .001 lower than Jeters and SLG and OBP aren't far off. I feel like Cabrera has been the best all-around SS in the AL this season and deserves to start over Jeter.

OF Picks
TSF's Pick: Ichiro Suzuki - SEA
Torii Hunter and Curtis Granderson are both great picks here too and both deserve to go to the game but due to his drastically lower K's, more BBs, more Hs, and higher AVG you can't really not start Ichiro.

TSF's Pick: Magglio Ordonez - DET
His hair is awful but this is a fairly obvious pick. Not as obvious as Arod but almost.

TSF's Pick: Vladimir Guerrero - LAA
Can't argue with the fans too much on this one either.

Starting Pitcher
TSF's Pick: Dan Haren - OAK
This is a good year for pitchers, especially in the American League. There is a lot of semiautomatic choices: Johan Santana, Justin Verlander, John Lackey, C.C. Sabathia and Josh Beckett, along with the possibility that Erik Bedard is probably going to be the only Oriole and James Shields could be the lone Devil Ray (not if I was incharge because I'd vote for BJ Upton at 2B!). This will make it very difficult to even get Daisuke Matsuzaka onto the team, no matter how badly MLB and its sponsors want him. Due to all the big names I'm willing to bet Haren gets overlooked but he shouldn't.


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Bryan said...

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