Sunday, July 29, 2007

TSF's Top College Football Announcers (Current)

Well, it's still July, one of the most boring months of the year when it comes to sports. As you can see, I really love college football. There are some great and entertaining college football announcers out there and I would like to share with you some of my favorites. Also, feel free to drop a comment and leave some insight on some of your favorites.

Best of the Best: Play-By-Play Announcers

1. Ron Franklin
Just listening to him call a game on ESPN Saturday nights sends chills down my spine! He has that voice, with just the touch of accent to make him real and not put-on. Just watch for yourself.

2. Brent Musberger
A lot of people like this guy and a lot of people don't. I think he has a very entertaining voice, plus he really gives some great insight and analysis as well. I have really enjoyed him calling games on ABC ever since I started watching college football back when I was just an infant. Just listening to this call...

3. Brad Nessler

Very entertaining voice as well and gives great analysis too. Always knows what to say and he gets you excited for the big game with his phrases. He usually sticks to the action, which is a very good thing. If you know what I mean it's like him and the big games just click.

4. Mike Patrick
Just a great entertaining voice, I love his calls and quirks. He is always smooth and crisp with his play calling and keeps you entertained with his comments as well.

I hate to play this video, but it was the best one I could find of Mike Patrick. Listen in...

5. Keith Jackson

Just a great voice, he's been around for many years and has called more big games than just about anybody else. His voice just fits in well with the atmosphere of a championship game.

Who are your favorites? I will be back with another post tomorrow on TSF's "Top College Football Analysts".


Mini Me said...

For some reason I love Mike Patrick's voice. said...

I agree with Ron Franklin although I liked him better with Mike Gottfried vs. Bob Davie. There's nothing like Ron Franklin and a classic SEC battle on Saturday night.

twins15 said...

I'm a big fan of Verne Lundquist of CBS... he's probably my favorite.

Other than that, Franklin is a nice choice, and I'm a big Brad Nessler fan as well. Not so big on Musberger, although I don't mind him too much.

I love Keith Jackson... he's like Dick Enberg for me... both guys are old and mess up a lot, but they just have great voices for the game.

And I really don't like Mike Patrick for any sports... he sounds really good and has a great voice for the game, but he just takes everything out of proportion ("a great, great play there") that it bugs me.