Tuesday, July 24, 2007

2007 AFC Impact Rookies

You've already heard my NFC Impact Rookies....so now enjoy the AFC version.

RB Marshawn Lynch - Buffalo Bills
I really wanted the Packers to get him but the Bills snatched him up early. I think he's a great pick and he'll split carries with Anthony Thomas for most of the year and I predict will win the starting job by the end of the season....this kid's for real.

WR Anthony Gonzalez - Indianapolis Colts
He will probably be the starting 3 receiver and we all know the Colts love to throw and I think you can look for him to catch a lot of balls with Harrison and Wayne drawing constant doubleteams.

WR Dwayne Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs
I think other than Calvin Johnson he will have the best season of any WRs taken in this year's draft.

WR Ted Ginn - Miami Dolphins
If he's healthy look for him to make his mark both catching balls and especially in the return game. He was a bad pick for them in the draft but he'll make an impact.

QB JaMarcus Russell - Oakland Raiders
I think regardless if people think he is ready or not I think he'll eventually beat out Walter and McCown for the starting job. From there he'll make an obvious impact to the team with his legs and rocket arm.

WR Jacoby Jones - Houston Texans
Here is my sleeper in the AFC. This kid is a former D-II standout who should get some playing time in certain receiver packages and will probably wind up being the team's return specialist.

FS Reggie Nelson - Jacksonville Jaguars
Should be ballhawking out in centerfield come opening day.

MLB Paul Posluszny - Buffalo Bills
Love the game this kid has. He should make an immediate impact starting at MLB and barring any health problems should have a huge season.

CB Leon Hall - Cincinatti Bengals
He will most likely start the season as the No. 3 CB on the team. However, he'll probably be starting opposite of Jonathan Joseph sooner rather than later (As long as he doesn't get in with the wrong crowd out in Cinci -COUGH-Chris Henry-COUGH-).

CB Darelle Revis - New York Jets
They're really counting on him to go out and win a starting spot in camp. Also look for him to return punts for the Jets most of the season.

DT Marcus Thomas - Denver Broncos
The Broncos have a ton of young rookite talent on the DLine with Jarvis Moss and Tim Crowder at DE. However, if Thomas can stay healthy I think he makes the biggest impact at DT.


twins15 said...

For the record, Croyle will be in his 2nd year... also for the record, I think Croyle will be atrocious. Average arm strength, poor accuracy, limited athleticism... not a big fan of him.

Stefan Ming said...

Brodie Croyles future is the AFL

grittysquirrels said...

My bad Jon....thanks for having my back on that one. For some reason I thought Croyle was a rookie. I'm not a huge fan either except I just thought that he'd eventually wind up starting over Huard and therefore would be making an recognizable impact.

Stefan Ming said...

Yeah, your description for Anthony Gonzales sounds pretty(for lack of a better word) "homosexual".

Mike said...

I agree that Jones will be a big impact for the Texans, but as a return man? They have a Pro Bowler in Jerome Mathis.