Friday, July 27, 2007

R.I.P. Skip Prosser

Skip Prosser, who led Wake Forest to its first basketball No. 1 ranking three seasons ago, died Thursday afternoon of an apparent heart attack. He was 56.

Prosser was found slumped on his office couch and unresponsive by director of basketball operations Mike Muse shortly after returning from his noon jog, athletics director Ron Wellman said. Medical personnel performed CPR and used a defibrillator on Prosser, who was taken to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and pronounced dead at 1:41 p.m.

This is a sad, sad day not only for College Basketball fans, but for sports fans in general. Skip Prosser was not only one of the best coaches in the ACC, but in the nation as well. He was a great teacher of the game.

Skip coached many great players throughout his tenure at Wake Forest, from to Chris Paul to Josh Howard to Justin Gray; Prosser has developed great young players through the years. He had a career record of 291-146 as a head coach, including 126-68 with Wake. He is the only coach to take three schools to the NCAA tournament in his first season.

Many coaches have strongly proclaimed how great of a man and coach Skip was, he was a great family man and always offered advice to help others. I hope others will realize how big of an impact Skip had on College Basketball.

Skip Prosser, you will be missed.


Bryan said...

This is on par with the golfing world losing Payne Stewart too early. Skip, the college basketball world needs more coaches like you and the world needs more people like you. You will be missed.

grittysquirrels said...

I loved Payne Stewart.