Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Love the Vikings

So, just in case you are a first-time or simply casual reader I will clear the air right now. Any one who knows anything about me or my sports/interest, or has read much of my work on TSF knows that I hate the Vikings. So when I title a post, "I Love the Vikings". Please don't get the wrong idea.

I love the Vikings because of how pathetic they are. To be quite honest the Vikings scare me. The last 3 seasons they have entered into the season with a pretty scary-looking team. I love them because they almost always choke or underachieve. They have a great window of opportunity here with a star-studded defense and the best young RB in the league in his prime. As a life-long Packers fan this scares me. It is common knowledge to NFL fans everywhere that the Vikings are a QB and a upper-tier WR away from being insanely good. In fact, with a new QB and WR I would almost guarantee the Vikes to be favorites to at least go to the Superbowl.

So, when I saw on ESPN's front page headlines, "Report: Vikings Near Deal for Texans QB" I got scared. I thought maybe someone struck some sense into Mr. Wilf/Mr. Childress. I thought the Vikings realized their window was closing and they were making a play at Matt Schaub. Then I clicked on the link and had all my thoughts on the Vikings reaffirmed. Nope, they were going after SAGE ROSENFELS! I immediately had a vision of him diving for that 1st down against the Colts with the lead last year and fumbling away the game (PICTURED ABOVE). I literally laughed out loud.

Granted he may be a small upgrade because Jackson is complete dogcrap and Ferotte is old and injury prone, and not good at headbutting. But if you're going to upgrade why not truly upgrade!? Sage Rosenfels is basically a younger version of Ferotte and a lifelong back-up. Hell, he's even backed-up Ferotte before! He might be a small upgrade but he is certainly not the answer and as a Packers fan I find it so entertaining to watch the Vikings chase after the answers to their problems in such a ridiculous way. I also love when my friends who are Viking's fans can't stand their own team and their way of doing things. So go ahead Minnesota. Use that 4th Round pick on Sage Rosenfels so you can have 3 2nd-string QBs on your roster and we'll watch you underachieve again next season.


thecollegehockeyblog said...

It could be worse? I dunno that's all I got.

Nice work Joe, at least you site some relevant facts instead of saying a team has a good D when they are worse than 200th in the country.

Stefan Ming said...
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Stefan Ming said...

Fetch, no what the hell you're talking about for once... you never bring naything constructive to say to this blog... as of 2/22... SFA is 2nd in the country in scoring defense (56.0) and and 4th in FG % defense 37.5%)...