Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bigger surprise thus far, Miami Dolphins or Atlanta Falcons?

I've seen and heard this question tossed around the blogosphere a bit so I figured I'd give you my answer.

Now, I realize that the Dolphins were 1-15. Which is really bad, and for the Dolphins to be 5-4 right now with an outside shot at the playoffs right now is truly outstanding. However, I'm going with the 6-3 Atlanta Falcons as my biggest surprise in the NFL this year so far.

Notice that I said "surprise" and not turnaround because the Falcons were actually 4-12 last year so by wins-losses the Dolphins have had a better turnaround. However, given the state that this Falcons team was in last year I don't see how you can't be more surprised by their success. I mean with Parcells coming into Miami you knew he would change the culture and turn them around. I guess people didn't think that it would happen so quickly but it was more expected.

With all the turmoil the Falcons incurred (being ditched by their coach, Vick in prison, star players leaving) I don't think anyone expected Head Coach Mike Smith (wait Mike who?) and rookie QB Matt Ryan to have this team at 6-3 with playoffs even within grasp is almost outlandish to think about.

Both teams are great surprises thus far but I've gotta go with the Falcons as my pick (and not just because of their record is better than the Dolphins). Who do you think has been a bigger surprise so far this season?


KJ Flip said...

I'd say the Dolphins just for that fact that last year was soooo dreadful for them. This year, they are competing in every game, and Chad Pennington has really helped them out. Plus, the play calling has been great, with the formation of Ronnie Brown at QB and Ricky Williams at RB.

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