Sunday, June 7, 2009

Legalize Steroids in Sports

"Steroids are a huge problem in sports. Steroids are a serious health problem today and lead to heart disease, brain tumors, strokes, and even death."

Those are statements you hear almost everyday. They're beaten to death by the media, teachers, public officials, friends, and maybe even family. But none of them are true. There is no evidence that steroids lead to any of these things.

Steroids are blamed for former professional wrestler Chris Benoit killing himself and his family. But according to University of Wisconsin bioethicist Norman Fost, there is no documented correlation between steroids and brain tumors.

Many so called "experts" and doctors claim that steroids lead to heart attacks. Many say things such as, "it's possible and probable" that steroids are associated with hearth disease. But that's all they can ever say. There's no evidence whatsoever. Unlike smoking, where there is substantial evidence between it and lung cancer, there are no long-term studies that show steroids cause those diseases.

Steroids may not be completely safe, but why single out steroids? Every single over-the-counter drug has it's side effects. Tylenol can lead to ulcers and asthma. What's to say steroids is worse for you? Or even smoking? Drinking beer? Or what about texting/talking on the phone while driving? People put their lives in danger all the time.

I truly believe adults should have the freedom to harm their bodies and steroids should be just another personal choice; Whether it be steroids, smoking, alcohol or whatever, as long as they're not threatening anybody else.

A lot of the stories you hear about athletes killing themselves because of steroids are bogus. There is no evidence steroids lead to Chris Benoit's death and his supposed "roid rage".

But what about the "cheating" factor you might say? There's plenty of other things athletes do to gain a competitive edge over their opponents. What about the slippery swimsuits for swimmers? What about the new special contacts that help shade the sun for baseball players? What about Tiger Woods improving his eye sight to 20/15 with special lasik surgery?

Don't get me wrong, professional sports leagues should be allowed to ban these substances all they want, but congress and our government have no business being involved in any of this.

But what I am trying to get at is that the steroids argument is overblown and is no worse for you than alcohol or smoking, among numerous other things.

Steroids aren't the problem, rather it's the people suggesting they're a problem.


David said...

this has become an interesting topic, it has intrigued alot of people, but they wont b able to, baseball has already sent the message that steroids are ruining the game

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