Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 College Football Power Rankings: Week 4

Our first power rankings of the season.

1. Alabama
They deserve this spot until somebody knocks them off.  Big test this weekend @ Arkansas.  We'll see if they deserve this spot.

2. Ohio St.
Terrelle Pryor looks like a new man.  He has virtually been unstoppable and the defense has been unflappable.

3. Oregon
Best offense in the country.  This is a team that's being a little overlooked when it comes to the BCS National Title picture.

4. Boise St.
Another big test for them this weekend vs. Oregon State.  A win here and they will have a decent argument for a national title game berth.

5. Nebraska
This team looks that much better than last season.  The defense is still very stout and new QB Taylor Martinez has sparked the offense.

6. TCU
Defense looks good despite losing some big names.  Andy Dalton has the offense picking up where they left off in 2009.

7. Florida
Things looked a little bleak early but the offense is starting to click.  Now to stay healthy and keep their guys out of trouble.

8. Oklahoma
Schizophrenic team that can look dominant at times, other times far from that.

9. Texas
Defense still fairly good.  Gilbert looks to be continuing to improve.

10. Arkansas
I've said all along that this team was a big sleeper.  Ryan Mallet just may be the best QB in the country too.  They always seem to play number 1 teams tough.  Look out Bama.

11. Wisconsin
Looked a little iffy vs. Arizona St.  When running game is on they are tough.  We'll see how good they really are soon.

12. South Carolina
Is this the year Spurrier finishes top 2 in the SEC West?  Garcia has been solid at QB and the defense looks good as ever.

13. LSU
LSU is young and has speed.  They should continue to improve.

14. Arizona
Big win over Iowa puts them in this spot.

15. Iowa
Tough road loss to Zona.  They're still a very good team if they can overcome some injuries.

Not far from the pack:
Stanford, Miami, Michigan, Auburn, Utah

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