Sunday, January 23, 2011

College Hoops Power Rankings

Here's our first in-season power poll...

1. Ohio State
Clear cut number one right now.

2. Duke
Even without Kyrie Irving they are still very good.

3. Kansas
Despite the loss to Texas, Kansas is very dangerous.

4. Pittsburgh
No super stars but they're experienced.

5. Texas
A lot of talent.  Rick Barnes finally has them playing some D.

6. Syracuse
The Orange are deep and can beat anybody.

7. San Diego St.
Very athletic.  But not many impressive wins.

8. Washington
The Huskies are one of the most athletic and dangerous teams in the nation.

9. Villanova
This team has more options this season and is much tougher on D.

Young, but extremly athletic and talented team.

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Anonymous said...

Go Pittsburgh!