Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Bold Prediction: UNC's only loss will be...

I've been hearing talks of the North Carolina Tar Heels finishing undefeated this season. This is certainly not out of the question.

They are definitely the number one team in the country and there is only one other team that comes close to them (UConn) in my mind.

UNC is a dominant team and is one of the best in years. They have the best guards in the nation, the best depth, a high-powered offense, one of the best players in Tyler Hansbrough and also one of the best coaches in Roy Williams.

When you watch this Tar Heel team, they look like an NBA team out there on the court.

They could easily finish the regular season unblemished, but they won't. I predict they will finish the season with one loss. Like Memphis did last year.

UNC's only regular season loss will come to...... wait for it......


Yes, you heard that right. On January 11th, the Heels' go to the Demon-Deacons (man that's weird to say) house and stumble.

Wake Forest is a very underrated team. They are very versatile and talented, young, but extremely athletic and talented. They play great defense and have a sound offense. Jeff Teague and James Johnson are tremendous players for the Deacons.

But, North Carolina will recuperate after this loss. Wake will give UNC a taste of it's own medicine in January, but UNC will heal its wounds and make them even hungrier, where they will then tear off 14 staight wins going into March.

You heard it here first.

After you make your prediction make sure you go to the game to see what happens! If you don't have the funds for a ticket get a cash advance and never miss a game!