Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giants need to sign Jermaine Dye

Jermaine Dye is still out there. Teams are tending to shy away from him because of his age. But he's proved the past few seasons that he still capable of being a good hitter. The Giants are one big bat away from winning the NL West.

They made some decent pickups to help the offense by signing Mark Derosa and Aubrey Huff and resigning Freddy Sanchez and Bengie Molina.

We already know they have the best 1-2 pitching duo in the league and one of the best rotations. It's time for Brian Sabean to finally get this done for his team by signing Dye to at least one year deal. They've got the roster win now, they're just one bat away from winning their division and maybe even a World Series.


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bailbonds said...

Dye is still a great addition to any team that's looking to make a deep run in the playoffs. The problem with the Giants is that Dye might not be enough.Adding thirty home runs to a team that was dead last in run production last year will certainly win a few more games for them but in order to make a true run at the series the Giants will have to find more production from the players already on the roster.