Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010 Final Four Predictions

Kansas, West Virginia, Duke and BYU will make the Final Four. Yes, that's right. BYU will make the Final Four. I said it. I got a great feeling they will take down Kansas State in the 2nd round and head to Salt Lake City; Where they would then be the favorite in the regional to advance to Indy.

Here me out with my analysis of why BYU and the others will make it:

Every single Final Four team ever participated in the tournament the year before. So that eliminates Kentucky and Kansas State. Every single Final Four team since 1999 (When the rankings started) finished in the Top 25 for defensive efficiency (which computes ppg, fg %, etc). That eliminates Villanova, Pittsburgh, Georgetown, Maryland, New Mexico, and Baylor.

So the east bracket comes down to Kansas and Ohio State. OSU isn't deep at all and depends A LOT on Evan Turner. I'll take Kansas.

With Kansas St. being eliminated in the West it comes down to Syracuse and BYU. I think BYU will take down Kansas St with Jimmer Fredette and will be motivated to play in Salt Lake. Syracuse vs. BYU in Salt Lake. Who knows how healthy Onawaku will be and BYU has good size. Advantage BYU.

In the South Nova and Baylor are eliminated for defensive reasons. Purdue is without star Robbie Hummel, so by default Duke advances.

In the East Kentucky is too inexperienced/young. New Mexico is already eliminated. Wisconsin doesn't have the firepower offensively to advance. West Virginia will move on because of their defense, athleticism, and size.

So there you have it. Those four teams including BYU will make the Final Four. Mark it.

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